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I see you

You’re a brilliant, forward thinking, Spirit Seeking Pioneer.  

You’ve created so much success and abundance in your life and this shows by the quality of Joy, Love and Presence you exude. 

Your commitment to doing work that fuels your soul as well as your pocketbook is steadfast.

You’ve always done well playing by your own rules.

But your rules are changing.

You’re different, of course. 

You knew that this path would be one of evolution and growth.

You’re not shocked you have a decision to make about your work in the world.

You’ve come to the end of one journey, but haven’t decided where the next path starts.  

Your drive and focus is waning 

Your momentum is receding

Your confidence is shook.

But you also possess an unwavering faith in The Universe.

You know something is brewing, you can feel it.

Your mission is complete and your purpose is deepening.

You continue to ask, “What’s next?”

I know the answer

It’s You.  

Your Next.  

I’m a Life Coach guiding brilliant entrepreneurs who are transitioning their vocation into work that ignites their soul.

I introduce you to your future self and show you how to become her Now.

She’s been gently nudging you, whispering love songs from your deepest goals realized.

Let’s go get them.

My path to Coaching

When I was 12 years old I had the profound experience of Meeting my Future Self

She came in like an angel. 

I was hiding in my bedroom in the duplex my single mom rented as a college student. 

I can still see the turquoise walls, the single metal IKEA bed frame, the flat iron on my shelf - a symbol of my unrelenting desire to change how the world saw me. 

I was wrought with grief, feeling deeply lost and alone (I was 12, so this was normal).

A subtle energy wrapped itself around me and the immediate support I felt caught my attention. 

I heard a voice whisper to me,

“Everything will work out perfectly.  You will have a full, beautiful and promising life. You will realize you greatest dreams”

I believed I had just been handed a key to the Universe

 It all made perfect sense:

If we could tap into and listen to our Future Self - Our Spirit’s Wisdom, trust in Life and the path before us and let go of the lies we encounter each and every day we can be free to live an embodied existence of joy, peace and love.

This was juxtaposed to the suffering I saw all around me.

If being and receiving, allowing and listening, trusting and loving was the secret how come so many people are blaming, shaming, afraid and full of doubt?    

Figuring this out became my purpose.

A Healer

For over a decade I practiced deep tissue massage, cranial sacral work, energy work and shamanic journeying in a booming private practice in Arcata, California.

Working with my clients, we were guided by a higher spirit - our future selves - exploring the different aspects of ourselves needed for healing: the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies.  

I saw how so many of my clients knew what they needed to feel better, to be happier, to live more fulfilling lives, but they just couldn’t get there.  

We stand in our own way.

No matter how much their higher selves were ready, no matter how much their bodies surrendered and let go.  There was still something that kept them from moving forward.

I could relate.

What surprised me most about my practice was that my clients, what they really needed, was to talk and to be listened to.

Really listened to.

I was really good at listening to Spirit and noticing what the body was saying, but when it came to the slue of thoughts, stories, ideas, beliefs that my clients were sharing I realized that this was what was causing so much suffering.

Our Minds.

I knew that if I really wanted to help people integrate all the healing work that they do for them selves;

meditation, yoga, massage, healthy eating and exercise, prayer, etc.

that I would have to  learn how to listen to them better than they were listening to themselves.

Then I discovered Life Coaching.

I found the best training in the world at The Life Coach School and went all in.

I applied the tools to my own life and found that they were there all along, I just needed help accessing them, tips on how to use them and advise on how to teach them.

The Tools I use changed my Life - and my Clients

In 2016 California saw their cannabis industry start to shift dramatically. As regulation came to the cannabis industry and my community was forced out of a lifestyle and culture that had shaped us for generations - resistance and fear set in.

With the tools I’d been honing for decades, I used this shift in our industry as an opportunity to grow and expand my capacity, capabilities and my confidence.  I guided our farm through the compliance process, and in doing so I met the next future version of myself. 

I let her guide me.

More and more women asked me to help them. They wanted what I had.  They wanted to feel confident and clear.  They wanted to trust and move forward with the passion and purpose they had when they decided to work with cannabis years ago. 

Today I guide brilliant, forward thinking women who are transitioning out of the unregulated cannabis industry into a vocation that ignites their soul.

I show them how to meet their future selves and let her show them the way.

Together, we’re blowing minds.

Are you ready to step into your future?

You have so much going on in your life, you’re not sure you have time to add anything else. As you know, that’s never going to change!

You are right to be wary.

It will be challenging – in fact it may be the hardest work you ever do.

What I know is that you can do the hard work of changing or you can do the hard work of staying the same.

Go here to schedule a free 30 minute phone chat to see how I can help you.

Lots of Love to you - always.