On Purpose

I energize on purpose:

I have an athletic body because I am an athlete.  I exercise EVERY DAY.

I glow because I drink water, kombucha and green tea.  Sometimes coffee or fruit juice, alcohol almost never and not a drop of soda.

I carry my body gracefully because I only give it the perfect fuel.

I feel on purpose:

I manage my mind, which manages my emotions.

I meditate.

Gratitude is a constant.

I have a relationship with spirit.

I hold space on purpose:

I was born.  No part of me or my life is an accident.

Just BEING is enough.  Everything else adds color and vibration.

Because I am worthy, you are worthy too.

I am not better than you and you are not better than me.

I show up on purpose:

I take full responsibility for my life: the good and the bad

I can do anything and I have the planning skills to make anything happen.

I feel fear and do it anyway.

What do you do On Purpose? Brainstorm - You may be surprised what shows up.





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