The center of ‘The Wheel’

Why Spirit?

Spirit offers Purpose.

For me, knowing what my purpose is feels really good.

There were times in my life when I “forgot” my purpose.

And times I re-membered.

Why is it so touch and go?

What got in the way?

(I’ll elaborate on that below).

Every time I forgot my Purpose I felt lost.  

By reconnecting to Spirit I re-membered why I was here.

Eventually, I stopped “forgetting”.  

I no longer just re-membered.

I began to Follow Spirits guidance.

And this is how I began to resolve my human experience:

I am a spiritual being enhabiting a human body.

I desired to come here.

I chose this because I have gifts to share with this world.

Who are you? 

What is it that you’re here to Do?

How will you?

Why do it? 

These are answered by connecting to Spirit and defining your purpose

The quality of your Relationship with Spirit will determine the clarity of Your Purpose.

What is Spirit?

Spirit is defined as: the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

Spirit is: 

Greater Consciousness, God, Higher Power, Higher Self (just to name a few): these are all appropriate designations.  I will use some of these interchangeably. 

How do you access Spirit?

Beyond the functioning of the brain; the neurophysiological process - is the Mind.

The mind is our human faculty to which we ascribe thought, beliefs and ideas. It is one of the non-physical aspects of being human. The mind is separate from the brain and occupies space within, as well as, without the body and between our bodies.

Far beyond the brain yet through the mind is a bridge into Greater Consciousness or Spirit.

This bridge is where I will guide you.

The mind and Spirit:  

The mind is designed to expand beyond itself.  This expansion permeates the Spiritual Dimension or Greater Consciousness. This journey beyond the mind takes us out of thought and everything associated with thinking (beliefs, ideas, stories). It is an exploration into a space of endless possibility. 

Exercising this expansion and experiencing this space as your own is the key to connecting with Spirit.

Integrating these experiences into your conscious mind is how you can begin to tend to a relationship with Spirit.

You will know Spirit is showing up in your conscious life because you will build more self awareness.  

Creating a deeper awareness of Self by observing how you do or do not expand beyond your mind is a powerful lesson in personal thought management. 

Simply put, one can more effectively surpass the limitations of the mind and expand into Greater Consciousness by becoming aware of and consciously choosing thoughts that serve their Purpose.

This is the bridge, my Friend

(and what kept getting in the way of my connection to Spirit)

I am no way am suggesting that this is a simple and easy task. 

For many of you it will be Very Hard.

But I believe, without a shred of doubt, that by digging into this deep work of self reflection and conscious thought creation you are releasing latent energy and creating space in your life to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Spirit.

Not to mention with yourself and everyone in your life who sees you.

Because you have chosen a fallible Human Experience it may be challenging to bridge this gap between your Mind and your Higher Self or Spirit.  

Let it be Challenging and do it anyways. This is the work, my friend.

Here are a few of the indicators that your mind is getting in the way:

-    If your mind is full of thoughts that contradict your values, goals and dreams

-    If you are unconscious of why you do what you do and therefore lack personal             responsibility for your actions and your life.

-    If you identify with being a Victim, if you blame other people or circumstances and if you         have expectations that others behave a certain way so that you can feel better.

The Space in your mind needs to be clear, clean and inviting.

From here Living a Spirit Led Life is more possible. 

From here you get to create the endless possibilities in your life.

I want to invite you to open up to the possibility that you can access this Greater Consciousness through your mind.  

I want to invite you to commit to building your self awareness through observing and owning  your thought patterns. Only from this place can you change them.

Here you develop a relationship with Spirit (or better yet re-member that you are, in fact, Greater Consciousness) and expand more often into this knowing.

Thank you for joining me.

With LOVE,


Next week I will write about Vision.

-    How the relationship we have with Spirit strengthens our ability to receive blueprints of         Vision

-    How receiving Vision is the foundation for living with powerful intention

-    How to Bring Who you are and What you Do forward in your Life





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