Before I started coaching with Sarah I felt like I was working hard, but not reaching my goals. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities I had between my business and family. I was overwhelmed and paralyzed by my frustration. 

Sarah has shown me how to use my thoughts to create the experiences I want to have in my life.  I’m able to focus on what really matters.  I’ve made small changes that’ve had huge impacts on my quality of life and the success in my business.

The greatest change is how I think and feel about my husband.  I now accept him for who he is and let him feel his emotions without trying to change them.  He’s free to think, feel and do what he wants, which frees me! I now believe we’re not just going to be fine, we’re going to thrive!

Because of my new beliefs, I know I can achieve what I want in my life. 

Overall, I am more confident and direct.  I’m becoming the amazing, rockstar business owner, wife, mother and friend that I’ve always wanted to be.

Working with Sarah has changed my life.  I can’t recommend her more. 

Bookkeeper / Consultant - Humboldt County