The 3 ways you're loosing POWER and how to get it back

The 3 ways you're loosing POWER and how to get it back

Inside you is a fire and a deep desire to GO BIG.

This energy is primal and very real.

But it comes and goes - and when it’s on you’re not sure how to direct it in a way that gets results.

You know you’re a powerful being here to realize your unique greatness,

(I know you are too)

But HOW?

Where is the energy, focus and drive to keep this fire burning and your dream alive?

I have great news for you, My Friend.

Your Power - It’s right here at your fingertips.

But you’re giving it away.

You aren’t meaning too - It’s OK.

I’ll show you how this is happening so you can have it back.

Here are 3 ways you’re loosing power and how to get it back.

1. Stop Blaming

Reality check.  

If you’re still delegating responsibility for how things are in your life, you have a serious power leak.

From the “big stuff” - like blaming the government and the economy

to the everyday “small stuff” - like the weather or someones mood 

You loose Power.

When you make something or someone else responsible for how you think, feel or act you’re also making them responsible for your life.

You can’t control anything beyond your thinking - and it ALL starts here

Decide what you want to think about all the Circumstances in your life.

You can think negative thoughts, but know this is a CHOICE because you want to feel negatively about certain circumstances.

Just stop BLAMING the circumstances for how you feel.

You feel the way you do because of your thoughts.

How to stop blaming:

Don’t make excuses.  

Even if you have good ones.

Notice when you want to create a story around being late, or not completing a task, or whatever - 

Stop yourself.

Just show up as you are and don’t make excuses.

You will quickly learn how to be on time and do what you say you’ll do.

Complete Responsibility is Power.

Let Everything Be

Stop trying to control other people or Circumstances.

Allow what is.  

Pour your energy into YOU - 

How you show up and how you think.

Managing yourself IS Power.

Make Peace with your Past

It happened.

And the only reason it still hurts is because you keep thinking about all the pain it caused you.

Your thoughts about your past is what is still causing you pain today.

How is this serving you?

You can decide to stop thinking painful thoughts.

You can choose to believe that the circumstances of your past are neutral.

You can believe different.

Your past will always be your future if you keep bringing it there.

Instead, bring your future to your present.

The unlimited possibilities of your future holds a lot of Power.

2. Practice Unconditional Love

There’re serious misconceptions about what Unconditional Love is. 

I want to clear them up.

Misconception #1: Loving Unconditionally requires sacrifice.

The truth is Unconditional Love is a gift you give to yourself. 


Choosing unconditional Love has nothing to do with sacrifice. 

In fact, it’s the opposite - 

Unconditional Love aligns you with Source where you then know abundance.

You can say no from a place of Love.

You can walk away from a place of Love.

You can create and maintain boundaries from a place of Love.

Unconditional Love is Power.

Misconception #2: It’s their fault I feel the way I do. 

The truth is how you feel is determined by what you think - every time.

Your hateful thoughts create hateful feelings and loving thoughts create loving feelings.  

You get to choose how you feel, regardless of another person’s behavior or actions.

This is great news.

This doesn’t mean you condone bad behavior.  

It just means you don’t choose thoughts that create a negative feeling.  

It also doesn’t mean you don’t care or advocate for issues important to you.  

It just means you do it from a place of love and genuine service rather than from a place of hate and victimhood.

By giving responsibility for how you feel to the very person you claim is hurtful is the surest way to drain your energy and power.

Misconception #3: If I feel negatively about someone that proves their behavior is inappropriate.

The truth is your negative feelings about someone else doesn’t prove anything.  

It just hurts You.  

Feeling awful only demonstrates your misery. 

It has nothing to do with another person’s actions and everything to do with your thinking about the world around you. 

Choosing to feel negatively to prove that someone did something “wrong” is childish and manipulative.  

The only person it ends up hurting is you. 

You can choose LOVE every time.

This is POWER.

3. Make a Plan

Spontaneity doesn’t build power - it steals it.

When you have big goals that require you to transform you need a plan.

Without a plan, your brain reverts to it’s automatic habits.

Habits are easy - they’re designed this way.

You can create habits that propel and stretch you, but it requires a plan.

Why Planning Works

The Compound Effect

Doing small, seemingly insignificant actions each and every day has massive effects over time.

When you take the time to create a BIG plan you’ll also need to plan on tending to it each and every day.

Creating a habit of looking at what you need to do today and what you have planned for tomorrow directs your energy and focus.

After practicing this for a month or so, You’ll experience living your plan.

You’ll feel the Power.

Your Pre Frontal Cortex

When you plan you engage your most evolved brain - The Prefrontal Cortex.

This brain is what gives us the ability to plan - to look into the future and map out a course.

Our Vision, Dreams and Insights live in this brain.

Your Reptilian Brain, on the other hand, is wired to do 3 things:

Seek pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy.

Last time I checked, this doesn’t get you to your goals.

Decide to become a planner.  

It’s super fun.

If you want more energy, focus and drive so you can realize your full potential you need to recognize where you loose power.

I can help you.

I’m offering 10 individuals FREE coaching in a new 6 week program.

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How powerful is this?

I LOVE Believing in you.

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