Has Comparing Left You Feeling Doubtful? How to Stop Comparing and Start Focusing On YOU.

Has Comparing Left You Feeling Doubtful? How to Stop Comparing and Start Focusing On YOU.

Other peoples wins are in our faces.

We get bombarded with all their good stuff which, as we know, isn’t the entire story.

But that doesn’t matter.  

What our brains see is evidence.

Evidence that:

They do it so much better than Me.

My Life is lacking - that I am lacking.

They must have something I don’t

  • More Confidence

  • More Opportunities

  • More Love

“They” don’t.

But you know this, right?

How do you STOP comparing??

Let me tell you how.

You stop comparing yourself to others by focusing on YOU not “them”.

Think about it.

The only person you need to compare yourself with is you.

It’s the only place you have control.

It’s where all your power is.

Your only goal is to be better than you were yesterday.

And by better I mean to be more who you are and less of who you think you’re supposed to be.

This is how you bring the focus back to YOU.

4 ways you can do YOU better

1. Daily Mind Management

When you take the time to notice your thoughts and practice choosing deliberate thoughts that create the emotions you want, you focus on the greatest tool you have:

Your Brain.

It’s your responsibility to manage your mind. In Fact, It’s your privilege.

I’m not talking about “thinking positively”. 

I’m talking about bringing awareness to your thoughts (like the ones where you compare yourself to others) and noticing the feelings these thoughts create.

I’m not good enough = shame, unworthiness, insecurity.

Experiencing this truth that your thought creates your feeling


you are empowered to change your thoughts - and stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Awareness of Feelings

Allowing your emotions by actually feeling them liberates you from the unnecessary pain and suffering you cause yourself when you avoid your feelings.

A feeling is simply a vibration in your body. 

When allowed, this vibration passes in minutes. 

Then you are free to go about your life. 

When you avoid or resist your feelings, they fester and take over your life.

When your emotions take over, your brain goes about compiling evidence to prove why you feel the way you do.

“All the People” you compare yourself to is how your brain compiles evidence.

Feel your feelings. 

Take ownership of them.

Don’t create stories for why you feel the way you do. 

You feel the way you do because of your thoughts.

3. Set BIG Goals

When you’re climbing up the mountain of your big ass dreams, you don’t have time to think about anyone else. 

You’re to focused on your own journey; uncovering your innate and unique gifts.

YOUR innate and unique gifts.

Make this your one job.

Do whatever it takes to bring forth that which ignites your soul

so that other people can be lifted by your Truth.

You , my Friend, can do so much more.

4. Taking Massive Action

What this means is that you keep taking action until you reach your goal.

You don’t stop.

This will keep you occupied.

Seize each day and use it as an opportunity to show up in your life.

Make it a habit.

You won’t invest time thinking about what everyone else is doing. 

When you do think about others it’s with awareness and true understanding.

Like you, they suffer. 

LIke you, they avoid. 

Like you, they take risks. 

Like you they fail. 

Like you, they grow.

Like you, They Show Up.

This is so much more fun

Why you can only compare yourself to you

You have the whole picture.

You know your edge,

You know when you’re stretching your edge.

You know when your playing it safe, staying small.

There is no way you can know any of this about anyone else.

It’s like defining the flavor of a food and then saying this is how all beings experience this particular food.

You take the humanness out of the equation.

It ’s the same with your life experiences.

Only you experience then in the way that you do.

So go experience.

Reflect on your experiences

Make your experiences more true to you.

Fail well.  Win Big.  Love completely.


It’s all that matters.

If you struggle with comparing and the doubt and insecurity this creates

I can help you.

I’m offering 10 individuals FREE coaching in a new 6 week program.

I’m launching March 4th.

Fill out an application HERE to be considered as one of my new clients.

Get ready to FOCUS on YOU.

I LOVE Believing in you.

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