Persecution: How to STOP this from happening NOW

Persecution: How to STOP this from happening NOW

Are you not living in an authentic way because of other people’s beliefs about you?

If you’re held back because the opinions of other people feel overbearing

If making the decisions You want to make will result in them thinking negatively of you

If you’ve heard that you make bad decisions

You may feel persecuted.

It’s a horrible feeling.

I know - I used to feel it a lot.

It stole my mojo.

All the creative and flowing energy that accompanied a new idea,

or juiced up an existing one


What was left: The Skeleton. The Pieces.

I ended up building my inspiration from these pieces or I let them blow away to be forgotten;

another dream dead.

I hated this cycle.

Thankfully, I don’t live this way anymore.

I didn’t have to end relationships, quit jobs or move to a monastery to leave the persecution.

I simply had to manage my mind.

Now I follow my creative flow and the presence of “not good enough” sits small in the corner.

If the feeling of persecution comes up I know how to allow it and what it actually means.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned:

Let “them” think, say or believe what ever “they” want

People can say or do whatever they want.

I don’t have to make it mean they’re right.

or I’m wrong.

In fact, what they say and what they mean by what they say rarely is what I hear or what I make it mean.

The persecution I felt was always because of my interpretation of their words.

It’s my thoughts about what they say that creates my feelings

Interpretation is how we filter outside information through our unique perspective.

If you’re perspective doesn’t feel good - you can change it.

Perspective is a result of our thinking.

If you interpret someones words as hurtful, you have thoughts about what those words mean as well as the person who’s saying them.

These thoughts are always optional.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been told that other people can hurt our feelings.

But this isn’t true.

What we think about what they say is what hurts our feelings.

You can decide to think whatever you want about anyone and anything they say

Seriously, you can make up thoughts because of how you want to feel.

Because I now take 100% responsibility for how I feel,


never what someone says or how they act

That creates the feeling of Persecution.

By NOT doing what I want, I’m prosecuting myself

My Ultimate Ah-Ha came when I realized an automatic and unconscious thought:

“I don’t do things right”

This thought creates the feeling of Persecution.

How I acted; what I did - or more importantly, what I didn’t do 

(like follow my creative genius and drive)

Resulted in me not doing things right.

I wasn’t living my life right,

I wasn’t following my life force energy.

I was persecuting myself with my thoughts.

I’m gonna be real here.

NO ONE can persecute you.

It’s your thoughts that create the feeling of persecution.

When we blame:

our spouse,



or society

for our feelings of persecution

we stay victimized.

They simply ARE.

They can say whatever they want about your actions.

YOU get to decide what you make it mean.


This is where you build awareness arounds your automatic thinking.

This is where you take responsibility for how you see yourself and the world around you.

If you’re ready to shed this layer 

I can help you.

I’m offering 10 individuals FREE coaching in a new 6 week program.

I’m launching March 4th.

Fill out an application HERE to be considered as one of my new clients.

What do you want to make this offer mean for YOU?

I LOVE Believing in you.

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