Looking for Passion? How to End Your Search and Find it NOW

Looking for Passion? How to End Your Search and Find it NOW

Are you not taking action because you haven’t found the “thing” that brings you passion?

Have you been looking for this “thing” for awhile, now?

Passion isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.

In other words, it isn’t a “thing” it’s a feeling.

So stop looking for it.

All this does is keep you confused about where your emotions come from.

They come from your thoughts.

Your passionate thoughts create your passionate feelings.

It’s IN YOU,

Not Out There.

You create it with your thinking and you loose it with your thinking.

When you think,

“I’m looking for my passion”

What you create in your life is

Looking For Passion.

It’s always going to be a search.

Even when you think you’ve found your passion, you may not stay committed because if you have to find it, you can also loose it.

When you understand that your passion comes from your thinking you can always create it.

The more you think passionate thoughts about your life and what you’re here to do, the more passion you generate.

Passion begets Passion.

So how do you go from looking to creating?

1. What are your thoughts about what you’re already passionate about?


What you’re already passionate about is where your passion lives.  

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

It could be sports, food, family.

Whatever you feel passionate about, uncover what you think and believe about it.

This is why you’re passionate about this thing.

Because of how you think about it.

You may be passionate about a TV series.

TV may not be where you’re going to launch a new career, but your passion is here.

Go Here.

This is a gateway.

Ask yourself:

What is my thought that creates my passion for this program?

2. Why do you think this way?

Take this deeper.

Why do you have this thought? 

What do you make these thoughts mean?

Make ‘Why’ your beam of light shining on the source of your passion.

This is it.

This is where your passion is born.

As you go deeper in to your why, you enter into the source of your passion. 

It no longer is about the TV series, football, wood fired pizza or conversations with a 5 year old.

It’s something more Universal.

It’s a TRUTH.

2. Go All In On It

Now that you’ve found the root of your passion in your thoughts and beliefs,

commit to these thoughts and beliefs.

They’re what fuel your passion.

No need to make it more complicated than this.


What this means is you get to end your search and stop believing you don’t know where your passion is.

It’s time to get more intimate with your passion.

Are you ready?

If not, ask yourself why.

Your greatest achievements may still be in front of you and if this scares you, you’re right where you need to be.

Step Up.

Apply this thought and feel the vibration of passion it creates FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE.

Pretty soon, you’ll be passionate.

Do whatever this energy is asking you to do.

Make it manifest in your life.

Do anything, it doesn’t need to be great or even good,

It just needs to be practiced and learned.

It’s like dancing with a stranger,

It may be awkward at first, but with practice and commitment you may become the next contestants on Dancing with The Stars.

You’ll never know if you don’t go all in.

3. Don’t make your passion work for you.  You work for it.

We get all mixed up when we make our passion responsible for our happiness.  

When we expect it to bring us wealth, love and purpose.

It’s not your passion’s job to do this.

It’s your job to bring forth your passion in a way that it is alive and well in this world.

The result of this opens you up to the natural laws of energy exchange.  

When you are abundant in the knowledge that you are living your passion,

you will experience abundance.

If you’re struggling with finding your passion

I can help you.

I’m offering 10 individuals FREE coaching in a new 6 week program.

I’m launching March 4th.

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Does this stir passion?

I LOVE Believing in you.

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