Failing Your Way to Success: 5 Steps every Entrepreneur Must Take

Failing Your Way to Success: 5 Steps every Entrepreneur Must Take

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve bumped up against some failures.

Whether large or small, how you navigate through a failure will determine your success.

For most of us, when we don’t succeed we believe one of 3 things:

  • It was never meant to work

  • I’m not qualified to do this 

  • Something or someone else is preventing me from succeeding.

This is giving up.

You’ve taken some action and didn’t get the results you wanted.

So you quit believing on of the above statements - or something like them.

This is simply failing ahead of time.

I want to show you how to fail well so you keep going - and reach your goals.

Here are 5 steps to turn every failure into success

Step 1: Massive Action.

Massive action is taking action until you get the result you want. 

Massive action isn’t how many hours you work,

how “hard” you work,

how stressed out or overwhelmed you are.

It’s not how you produce, it’s what you produce.

Massive Action is a mindset.  

Take a toddler learning how to walk.

She doesn’t stop after a few failed attempts. She doesn’t ever believe she won’t walk.  She doesn’t create a story about how she’s not meant to walk.  She doesn’t make being exhausted from trying and not being able to walk yet mean she should stop.

She keeps taking action until she reaches her goal.

Taking Massive Action will grow your capacity and your capabilities.

It will grow you faster than anything.

So what have you stopped taking action on because you haven’t yet reached your goal?

What’s your mindset?

If you’ve stopped believing you can reach your goal then chances are you’ve stopped taking action.

You’re using your current results as evidence that you can’t reach your goal.

It doesn’t work this way.

You must believe you can reach your goal. 

When you believe this you take massive action to get your result.  

Then you have evidence that you can reach your goal.

Step 2: Failing

You can’t skip this step. 

It’s the foundation. 

You have to know what you don’t know in order to learn what you need to know.  

When you start on something you’ve never done before, which may be a regular occurrence if you’re an entrepreneur, you will fail.

Let’s go back to our determined toddler.

The child fails over and over again each time she falls.

She fails because she doesn’t yet walk - the one thing she’s trying to do.

In this sense failing means learning.  She’s learning what she needs to do in order to walk.

She learns how to fall,

She learns how to push herself up,

She learns how to steady herself on her feet,

She learns how to take a step.

All of this builds and strengthens her muscles that support her in standing and walking.

She needs to fall in order to become stronger so she can walk.

Failing exercises her capacity so she can learn what she needs to do.

Last time I checked, if you’re attempting something you’ve never done before, you’re going to fail.

In fact, you want to fail.

Think about it.

If you never failed and got the results you wanted every time, you’d be the same person you are now -

living a reality of someone who accomplishes more than you’re capable of.

If you were already capable you’d already be living that reality, yes?

You want to fail and learn and keep taking action and keep failing.

This is climbing the rocky crags of your Big Ass Future.

It shapes you into the person who can stand at the top of That Mountain.

You need to earn it.

Failing doesn’t mean stop

Failing means learn.

Step 3: Learning

So what do you have to learn?

Essentially, you must learn capacity.

You must learn that you can broaden your abilities and in the process open yourself up.

It isn’t what you learn, but your dedication to the art, or practice of learning.

The toddler didn’t consciously plan to learn how to push herself up and stand once again.

When she started out to walk, she just wanted to walk.  

She didn’t know there would be all these other skills she’d pick up along the way.

She just gave herself over to the process. 

She only knew what she wanted and she did whatever she could to get there.

She learned that pushing herself up and standing gets her back to where she could practice walking.

The toddler learned a practice. Then she set out to do that practice.

What have you resisted learning because you believed it isn’t part of your goal?

Really, you have no idea what the path is to your goals.

Since you’ve never gotten there before you need to learn how.

The discovery of How is Magic.

Believing you know how and then deciding it didn’t work and failing ahead of time by quitting

denies you the whole point of this entrepreneurial path.

It shapes you - no the other way around.

Make learning your goal.  

You’ll uncover practices that’ll transform you into who you need to be.

Step 4: Practicing 

Small repeated tasks result in massive shifts.

What our toddler learned made her stronger so she could practice walking.

Each and every day she gave herself over to this practice.

She practiced on carpet,

She practiced on stairs,

She practiced on hiking trails,

She practiced at the playground.

She didn’t stop once she could walk around the living room, she continued to develop her skill of walking by practicing walking everywhere.

The point is to keep developing your skills - what you are learning - by practicing them.  

Want to be a writer?

Learn how to write compelling content and practice it each and every day.

Want to Sell something?

Learn how to sell and practice selling your service or product each and every day.

This how you become a writer.

This is how you become a sales person.

Committing to your practice allows you to master it.

Step 5: Mastery

Mastery is the art of overcoming obstacles.

You are the obstacle, my friend.

Eventually the toddler is capable of walking anywhere. 

She never stops practicing as it’s become her way of life.

She learns how to hop and skip and jump - adding layers to her practice.

She’s mastered walking and transformed in the process.

What do you want to master?

Who do you see yourself being as a result of reaching your goals?

How has the process shaped you?

A dear friend once told me about an old timer he’d met back in the ’90’s living in Nevada. 

My friend would sit with him on his porch and talk while the old man rocked in his rocking chair.

There was one piece of advise the man shared with my friend that stuck with him - and me.

“You can’t get there, you have to go there.”

It’s a journey my friend.

Your entire life.

It’s supposed to have ups and downs.

Learning how to flow through the current of your life is how you live your best life.

If you want to learn how to surrender to the process and stop struggling with your goals

I can help you.

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I’m launching March 4th.

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Are you ready to reach your goals?

I LOVE Believing in you.

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