Time: How to Have More of It NOW.

Time: How to Have More of It NOW.

Time is a mental construct.

This means time is what you think it is.

Your thoughts about time become what you believe about time.

A belief is a thought you have over and over.

You can choose whatever thoughts you want and, therefore, believe whatever you want.

You can decide what you want to believe about anything.

Time is no different.

But you’ve forgotten this.

Time has you wrapped around it’s finger.

You’re slave to it and a victim of it’s seemingly elusive nature.

Sometimes you have plenty of time and sometimes you don’t have enough.

You struggle trying to master the flow of time, bombarding yourself with strategies and plans you hope will allow you to finally conquer it.

It doesn’t work.

Why not?

Because you’re trying to change how you relate to time without changing your beliefs about it first.

You must change your thinking to change what you believe.

Most of us have thoughts that create the belief that time is finite.

This is time scarcity.

Here are three thoughts you have that create your struggle with time and what to think instead.

1. I don’t have enough time 

So many of us think this is true.  

It isn’t.

You’ve predetermined what you want will take more time than you have.

When you believe that things take as long as they take - 

you’re going to struggle with having enough time.

When you tell yourself “I don’t have enough time” this creates


You’re not enough,

What you do isn’t enough

What other people do will never be enough.

You feel out of control and powerless.

Which makes you You mismanage your time

You scroll FaceBook

You eat

You watch Netflix.

Instead of the thought “I don’t have enough time” try this thought instead:

All I have is time.

Then you decide how you’re going to invest your energy into this space of time.

Who decides how long something takes, anyways?


You get to decide how long it takes to:

Respond to emails, 

Make dinner, 

Have a conversation.

Decide how long a task takes and then stick to that timeframe.

In the process you will notice how much time you spend on tasks that have nothing to do with what you actually want to produce.

2. It has to be perfect

Trying to make something perfect kills productivity.

What’s perfect to one person may not be perfect to another.

So when you try to make something perfect;

When you resist putting your work out in to the world because you think it’s not good enough

You don’t put your work out into the world.

You’re staying small.

When you think “It needs to be perfect” the result you’re creating is:

YOU need to be perfect.

So you go about trying to produce perfect work to prove to yourself that you’re perfect.

You’ll never be perfect.

It’s OK.

No one is.

Instead of thinking “It has to be perfect” try this thought instead:

It only needs to be good enough.

“B” work.


Yes.  That’s all you need to strive for.

But don’t confuse this with B effort or only putting in 75%.

Always put in 100%.

It just doesn’t need to be perfect.

Produce work and go on to the next piece of business.

Put it out there and then go on down your task list.


Thinking that it only needs to be good enough results in is:

You only needing to be good enough.

It’s all you ever can be anyways.

3. I have so much to do

Did someone wake you up one morning with a list a mile long and make you a slave to it?

I doubt it.

This is your life.

You call the shots, right?

Obsessing with what you HAVE to do creates an important-ness around you and your life.

What you do doesn’t really matter.

You may be doing work that helps people.

I get it.

But You don’t HAVE to.

You want to, right?

This thought “I have so much to do” results in:

I have so much to prove.

What do you have to prove?

If you removed proving anything from your life, what would you be free to do?

What would you choose to create?

Instead of thinking “I have to do so much to do” try this thought instead:

I decide what I get to do

This puts you back in control. 

This makes it fun again.

It also puts back in perspective what you’re doing and allows you to decide if you want to keep doing the things you do.

Like going to work.

You can decide to stop.

Sure there will be consequences to this, but it is always a choice.

So what do you decide to do?

What you decide to do results in who you decide to BE.

What you do becomes a means of arriving at your best self.

So you decide to go to work everyday because you want to.  Because it challenges you to be better.  

Not because you have to.

If you’re ready to change your beliefs about time

I can help you.

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I LOVE Believing in you.

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