Stop Looking for Abundance and Create it Instead.

Stop Looking for Abundance and Create it Instead.

Abundance is defined as an Overflowing Fullness.  


There is more than you can use.

Which means there is always enough for you to take from.

And plenty left over.

The mistake many of us make in our pursuit of Abundance is thinking it’s the result of having things -




If you don’t have them, then you aren’t abundant.

This is scarcity.

Abundance is a feeling you Allow.

It’s always available to you.


So how do you Allow Abundance?

1. You need to understand how your brain is wired.

Your brain is wired to find danger.

This is your Reptilian Brain doing what it does best. 

It’s programed with software called “something’s wrong. find out what it is”


It’s the all important job of the reptilian brain to keep you safe.

It does this by keeping you on high alert.

We’re primed to recognize what’s not working or what could go wrong.

This kept the human species safe for tens of thousands of years.

Stay in the cave.

Go out only to find food.

Relocate only for your survival.

Today we don’t have the dangers our deepest ancestors contended with each and every day.

Today our greatest threats are our thoughts about what may harm us or our loved ones.

We are still on high alert, with no real tangible threat lurking.

So we make shit up.

A lot of shit.

2. Your feelings are created by your thoughts.

You need to be aware of your thinking in order to generate the feelings you want to experience.

You fail to generate abundance because of how you think - about everything.

You permit yourself to have abundant thoughts and experience a finite amount of abundant emotion before you start looking for evidence that this will end.

You anticipate the pendulum swinging in the other direction.

This results in your focus shifting form the abundance you’re currently experiencing to what could be on the other end.

It’s in our very nature to deflect abundance.

When you feel deep love and appreciation for someone or something, how long do you give yourself?

Let’s say you’re watching your child sleep. You’re filled with Love and Gratitude for the Gift of your child. 

You relish in the Abundance of Love and Gratitude for a time, but then you stop.

Why did this feeing stop?

Have you chosen to think something else?

Your reptilian Brain took over, searching for something that may go wrong.

How often do you worry about loved ones when there is no apparent reason to worry?

How often do you construct a story about a potential disaster that wipes out your family?

How often do you think about loosing your job, your home or money?

You think this worry is important - 

Some of you actually believe worrying keeps these things from happening.

It’s your thoughts.

Your worry is created by your thinking.

Stop justifying your worry.

3. Allow Abundance.

Here’s an outline of an exercise that I use to stay abundant.

  • When feeling Abundant ask yourself what you’re thinking.

  • Continue to think this thought.

  • Notice how this thoughts creates the feeling of Abundance.

  • Describe to yourself this feeling in your body.  Become intimate with it.

  • Notice when you start to have a thought that’s in opposition to the abundant thought you were having.

  • Notice the feeling this new thought creates

  • Ask yourself if you want to believe this new thought.  Does the thought serve you?

  • Choose the thought that creates Abundance

  • Allow the feeling of Abundance.

This is abundance.

If you’re grappling with feeling abundant

I can help you.

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How abundant is this?

I LOVE Believing in you.

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