Being The Magician: How to create Magic in Your Life

Being The Magician: How to create Magic in Your Life

You know there’s Magic in this Universe. 

The Moon’s Cycle, Mother Nature, The Energies around you….

You recognize that which can’t be seen.

You’ve experienced the unknown.

There’s much that can’t be explained.

You want more of this.

You engage in rituals, prayer, and have formed your own sense of Magic in your life…

I want to show you how to take it deeper - 

Here are three ways we stop the magic and how to get it flowing again.

1. You’re still trying to control every thing around you

The dishes need to be done, NOW.

That paperwork needs to be filed.

I need to tell her She shouldn’t behave that way.

When you invest your time and energy into all the things you notice that need to be fixed in this moment,

you miss this moment.

All the things you’re brain is noticing as potential disasters aren’t.

It’s just your brain doing it’s job to keep you safe.

It’s wired to detect what’s gone wrong and what can be fixed.

You don’t have to comply.

In fact, not complying let’s you remain in THIS.  

This moment isn’t here to be filled with sporadic tasks or gossip.

This moment isn’t an invitation for you to wield your control over it.

We’ve been slammed over and over again with messages that we need to attack our lives, be productive and make things happen.

Listen, I am 100% for creating the life of your desires and going all in to make it happen.

But not at the expense of THIS.

Thinking that something that IS needs to be different because how it is in’t right, or good enough or it’s simply “driving me crazy” doesn’t add value to your moments.

It takes it away.

You invest in scarcity.

Engage in This Moment like you’ve been invited into it by The Universe.

Thrashing about with your head down, huffing your way through the day, fixing everything you see is avoiding the Invitation.

You are the Invitation.

Be in This Now.

Remember: You can only control your mind

How you think about what is around you is how you experience what is around you.  

How you think about this moment is how you experience this moment.

This Moment is a new invitation to notice. 

To experience the Magic.

How will you think about this?

You experience magic by thinking This is magic.  

This IS manifesting.

Take each moment like a precious metal in your warmed hands and sculpt it with your attention and intention.

You’re the Magician, Now.

2. You don’t need to know why

When things happen we don’t plan or expect we wonder, Why?

Psychology has trained up to pick apart our lives to find answers.

We continuously go back to our past and dredge up “The Reasons Why”.

We concoct stories about today that are based in the past.

This is crazy.

It’s crazy to blame your past for your current circumstance.

The only reason your past has anything to do with your present is because you think it does.

No wonder so many of us can’t move forward and evolve into a new version of ourselves.

The brightness of our higher being is continuously dulled by our past. 

We can’t see the light.

Remember: You decide why

Why isn’t back there.

Why is a Thought you have.

You get to make it up.
Yes. You can make it whatever you want.

You decide.

What if Why something happens is because it was supposed to happen?

What if this is perfect?

What if it has nothing to do with your parents, how they raised you, your college experiences - any of it.

What if Why is a new thought?

One you choose that serves you?

When you decide to create your reason why from a place of genuine acceptance and presence you stay in This.

You experience life instead of reasoning with it.

You Notice more. 

You Are More.

You’re Here.


3.  You believe in Time

We’re wrapped up in time and space.  

Or so we think.

There is a linear continuum of time.


An expansion of space.

Which do you choose?

Do you go back and forth between the two?

How do you know?

Understanding that time is a mental construct that you choose is very powerful.

Time is only in your thoughts about it.

How many thoughts do you have a day about time? 

What are the quality of those thoughts?

How you think of time results in your experience of time.

Space just IS.

Space is the unlimited potential for energy creation.

How you decide to move through space, what and how you create within the space results in your experience of space.

How you think about your time in Space determines the quality of your experience in This.

This becomes your life experience.

When we forget we occupy space and rely heavily on Time to shape our experiences we remain separate.

Separate from each other and from ourselves.

We’re definitely separate from our experiences.

Us and Them,

This and That.

Is and Isn’t

Remember: Be in This


This’s all there is.

This big open space.

We’re all in This,


All the experiences are all OUR experiences.

All The Pain, 

The Joy, 

The Healing,

The Darkness,

The Light.


We are not separate and there is nothing other than This Moment.

Everything else is a THOUGHT.

A thought about the future or a thought about the past.

When you manage your mind, deliberately choosing your thoughts about THIS and move into the invitation of This Experience with your mind clear;


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How magical is this?

I LOVE Believing in you.

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