Being Spirit: How to live as a Spiritual Being in Human Form

Being Spirit: How to live as a Spiritual Being in Human Form

I’m a Spiritual Person - first and foremost.

When I dove into life coaching and discovered it’s my thoughts that create my reality, I instantly asked:

Where is Spirit?

If all this is created by our thinking then what IS spirit?

Are the Spiritual Feelings I experience created by my Spiritual Thoughts?

If everything is created by my thinking, then is Spirit simply a concept created in my mind?

I both loved and hated this idea.

I loved it because I’ve always resonated with my “higher self”. 

The aspect of myself that’s guiding me.

I believe we all have this higher being and, collectively, these higher selves exist on another dimension with other Spirit Beings.

Does my higher self have thoughts and these thoughts create these other spiritual energies?

Is my higher self higher consciousness? Does this higher consciousness create more higher consciousness? 

Like our thoughts creates energy and this energy manifests in matter, does our higher consciousness create an energy that manifests as Spiritual Energy?

I didn’t like this idea because it stripped away the unknown. 

The magic.

If Spirit only exists in our Minds, then what about all of “This”?

I’ve come to the conclusion that these aren’t separate.

Because we are unlimited possibility and therefore so are our thoughts

Consciousness is unlimited possibility.

Higher consciousness is unlimited possibility.

Spirit is unlimited possibility.

Now I believe that I create spirit with my thoughts and these thoughts are unlimited, therefore my spiritual experience is unlimited too.

When I pray, I believe Spirit is listening to me and receiving my prayers.

I believe my prayers are being answered.

My thoughts that make up my belief create this possibility.

I don’t want to figure out the mystery,

I don’t question why things are the way they are.

I’m not here to prove or deny any Spiritual energies.

I am here to exist in this and experience the unlimited possibilities of my mind and what this creates in my life.

Bridging the physical and Spiritual dimensions has been my life’s work

Living a Spiritual Life while walking in Human form is the best thing ever.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned about doing this well

Receive a Vision

You either believe that you come up with ideas or ideas are imparted on you to realize.

It’s up to you.

I personally think it’s a lot of responsibility to own an idea all to yourself.

It’s lonely and finite.

This is exhausting and not very interesting.

I prefer to receive a Vision and co-create with Spirit this vision here on Earth.

Believing that I am blessed with Vision and it is my privilege to realize it opens me up to all the power that comes in with a Vision.

Vision consists of:

  • An Idea,

  • A Purpose

  • A Path

As the receiver, I get this vision because I’m aligned with the purpose of it. 

I’m ready to walk the path required to realize this vision.

When ever I need clarification on the idea, purpose or path of this vision I Think of Spirit.

I create Spirit by thinking of Spirit.

Spirit isn’t something I align with or connect to

I’m Spirit.

I think Spirit and get the unlimited support of Spirit.

Align with the Vibration

The package the Vision arrives with: The Idea, purpose and path can be summed up in a statement or a thought.

This is a foundational truth to the Vision.

Know this truth and you align with the Vibration.

A vibration is an energy in your body created by the  statement or thought - The Foundational Truth

This Energy is what you’ll need to fuel the actions you take.

Make the Truth your Mantra.

You must choose to believe it.

Then you carry this Vibration with you.

It becomes how you do the Vision.

You align with the energy of Spirit and carry this Spirit in you.

Be the Action

When you allow the Vibration to fuel your being you become the Actions you take.

This Vision isn’t separate from you - It IS You.

The actions you take to realize the Vision is who you become.

The actions shape you.

Actions aren’t things you do or something you make time for.  

Actions bring the vibration alive with in you.

Your moving the Vibration through you and it moves you in to action.

IN this way you are the Action.

You are an expression of Spirit.

Arrive closer to your higher self

When you express Spirit through your actions and allow yourself to be shaped by the experience,

You get closer to your higher self.

You’ve untethered your belief of what you’re capable of as a human walking this earth.

Now you believe you’re Spirit’s unlimited potential realized on this earth.

You’re both a Human and Spirit in unlimited possibility.

You’ve realized your own Vision.

You’ve thought and felt your way closer to your higher self.


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