Your Future Self:  How to Become Her Now

Your Future Self: How to Become Her Now

Your Future Self is waiting for you.

You catch glimpses of her and you know she’s there. 

Currently, you’re the future version of your past self.

Can you see this?

Who are you today that you weren’t a few years ago?

What are you capable of today that you weren’t before?

This is how you know there is another version of yourself that you get to become.

Who your future self is is the person who can reach the goals you have now - and if you know how to tap into her wisdom, you can receive so much value from her.

If she seems separate from you, you’re thinking about it wrong.

She never was and never will be separate from you. 

You are her.  She is you.

The only thing separating you from her are your beliefs about who you are now.

It’s time to release these beliefs and rewrite the story of who you ARE.

Decide you’re your future self.

I will show you how to rewrite the story of how you are now.

This will be your new story and the only one you tell.

This is how you connect with your future self so you can become her Now:

Find a quite comfortable space with no interruptions.  Give your self to this time and allow yourself to indulge in the things that bring you pleasure and delight; A candle, A warm blanket, pillows, a window, your bed, a comfortable chair in your flower garden.  What ever it is, go all in on it.  Treat yourself with the greatest respect, love and care.

Imagine meeting a younger version of yourself.  Introduce yourself as the more experienced, wiser version and be present with who you once were. Tell her what your life is like now.  Tell her how you think, what you feel and what you do.  

When this is complete come back to the present.  

Now go to your future self.  When you meet her be with her energy and feel her presence.  When you are ready ask her the following questions and record her answers:

1: What are the Circumstances in your life?

2: What are the thoughts you have?

3: What are your most common feelings?

4: What regular actions do you take? What don’t you do?

5: What are the consistent results in your life?


7: Commit to living as this version of yourself from this day forward.

I love believing in you.

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