Planning in Your Business: Why you Don’t Do It and 3 Simple Ways to Start

Planning in Your Business: Why you Don’t Do It and 3 Simple Ways to Start

You know taking the time to plan in your business will bring greater success.

But you resist it.

Do you know why?

A lot of us resist planning because we believe it’s boring.

We think that something is lost in the planning.

Many of us believe that if we plan then we’re not spontaneous.

But the opposite is true.

I’m all about having free, unscheduled time.

But I schedule it.

I schedule free, unscheduled time.

This way I’m permitted to be truly FREE.

I know later in the day or tomorrow I’m going to slay and produce a lot of value because I’ve planned to.

For all you “creative types” who believe having space is required to create masterfully -

I challenge you.

We’re ALL creative.

How you think about what you do and how you do it determines what you do and how you do it.

Do you often say, “This is just how I am”?


“I don’t like being scheduled”?

It’s your belief about how you create that’s keeping you from fully committing to your goals.

You know you can decide to think different, yes?

If you’re not producing results in your business because you’re resistant to planning, you’re missing one of the most powerful practices an entrepreneur can have.

Planning isn’t restriction.

Planning is Freedom.

Here’s How:

We have two brains: 

The Reptilian Brain and the Prefrontal Cortex.

When we plan we engage the Prefrontal Cortex.

Planning is a new concept, in terms of human evolution.  Before we consistently had our basic needs met, like food and shelter, there was’t the luxury of planning.

We were surviving.

Our Reptilian Brain served us well then - and it’s the reason we’re here today.

Our Reptilian Brain’s job is what psychologists refer to today as the Motivational Triad:

  • Seek Pleasure

  • Avoid Pain

  • Use the least amount of energy as possible

Whenever we do anything that goes against this Motivational Triad - like engaging our Pre Frontal Cortex - Our Reptilian Brain sounds an alarm.

 It does this to save us from certain death.

Remember, our deepest ancestors were surviving.

This meant if they weren’t seeking pleasure (precreation, eating, warmth) 

Or Avoiding Pain (staying with the tribe)

Or Using the least amount of energy needed (doing only what they knew)

We wouldn’t be here today.

To ensure we would follow this motivational triad, the reptilian brain evolved to have a built in reward system (dopamine) so we’d feel good when we “stayed in the cave”

The same is true for us today.

We are rewarded for surviving.

We are rewarded for “staying in the cave”

However, about 2 million years ago our first Homo relatives developed larger brains, which housed what we know today as the Pre Frontal Cortex.

Here’s where we developed language, personality, and the ability to look into the future and plan.

Our Human ancestors no longer reacted to their surroundings, instead they chose how to respond to them.



Thought Creation 

These are born in the prefrontal cortex.

We are the only Species on the planet that has a function that allows us to plan.

Without it you’re just another lizard.


Today, we are not only surviving, but we’re thriving.

(yes, there are many exceptions to this and I’m aware of the social disparity in the US and around the world.  But if you’re an entrepreneurs, I’m going to argue your basic needs are met)

When you engage your prefrontal Cortex you’re not engaging with the Motivational Triad.

  • Planning is delaying pleasure.

  • Planning is looking into the future and not being aware of the present moment.

  • Planning takes energy.

Your Reptilian Brain will think something has gone horribly wrong.

This shows up in your life by avoiding planning, breaking commitments, not taking risks or considering alternatives.

It’s not your fault.

This is your brain working very efficiently and effectively to keep you safe. 

Our Prefrontal Cortex has the power to rewire the Reptilian Brain.

But you must know how.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Recognize when your staying safe - and small

If you look at your goals and feel fear, this is your Reptilian Brain telling you not to go after your goals.

“Why,” it says,  “when you have all this?”

Notice when you have excuses or stories for why something can’t or won’t happen.

Your Reptilian Brain will compile evidence for why you can’t reach your goal.  

Why you’ll fail and why this means you will die.

It’s retracing a millennia old neural pathway that took a long time to create.

Notice this and let it be.

It’s no longer true for you.

You get to create a new neural pathway.

You decide what this will be with your prefrontal cortex.

What conscious, deliberate thought will you choose to believe?

In time, your Reptilian Brain will comply.

2. Make being uncomfortable your new goal

Tap into your prefrontal cortex. 

Why do you have the goals you do?

Ask yourself if you’d hold back if you knew you would succeed.

What comes up for you?

If it was guaranteed you’d succeed you wouldn’t hesitate, right?

It’s only your fear of failing that keeps you from committing 100% to your goals.

Failure is an emotion created by our Reptilian Brain to keep us safe.

You won’t die pursuing your dreams, 

You’ll just be uncomfortable.

This kind of discomfort is an indicator that you’re stepping out of reaction to your Reptilian brain and into creating from your Pre Frontal Cortex.

It’s means you’re right on track.

When you engage your prefrontal Cortex to plan,

you learn you can create and thrive in the process.

You’re rewiring your Reptilian Brain to love planning and love goals.

Discomfort no longer means death.

It means Growth.

3. Remember that failing doesn’t mean dying

For our deep ancestors, failing meant death.

The Reptilian Brain evolved to keep them safe.  

They stayed in the cave.  

They were rewarded for this.

Today, failing means learning.

The only reason it feels like you could die is because the neurotransmitters released when we do something new emit a much different feeling than when we do something similar.

This signals to our brain to PAY ATTENTION.

But you don’t need to pay attention to the risks, you need to pay attention to your plan.

When you plan using your Pre Frontal Cortex you tap into the unlimited resources of your future self.

You go into the future and gather information about how to get there.

This is planning.

When you practice this skill you’re rewiring your Reptilian Brain to compile evidence of survival in a future place.

It’s no longer reacting to the present.  It’s building awareness around possibilities.

If you’re an entrepreneur in this new regulated industry and struggle with planning

I can help.

I’m facilitating a workshop on 4/13/19 at the Inn at 2nd and C in Eureka from 10 - 4.

Apply HERE.

I love believing in you.

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