How to go From Brave or Bold - and Why This Matters.

How to go From Brave or Bold - and Why This Matters.

How do you respond to fear?

If you’re an entrepreneur in the new cannabis industry you’re probably not hiding under a rock and waiting for it to pass.

Most of you are Brave; Staring fear in the face, pulling up your bootstraps and walking head on into it.

But if you’re struggling with your fear, you’re using a lot of precious energy not allowing this very primitive emotion.

Being Brave engages fear.  

You battle with it, often overcoming it, with scars proving your journey.

I want to teach you how to be Bold.

There’s no battle. 

No preperation.

No struggle.

There’s nothing to work against.

It’s just you - without all the stories.

You must allow fear.

(Here is a Blog Post I wrote about allowing emotions)

When you realize your Fear is just an old friend meant to keep you alive, you can simply pat it on the head and thank it for all the hard work it’s done.

Your fear wants to keep you safe.  In fact, it’s working hard each and every day searching for evidence that you could be in danger.

But you’re safe.

Your fear is on auto pilot; constantly looking for saber tooth tigers, famine, disease.

Yes, we want it around. You know, in the very rare circumstance that we actually need to fight, flight, flee or freeze.

It’s good to have Fear here - just in case.

You can take it off the clock though.  Keep it on stand by,

Don’t worry, it won’t walk away.

You’re fear will let you know every day it’s still here.  Ready to work!  Loyal as ever.

You’re wired for Fear - You just need to know how to manage it.

Understanding that you’ll be afraid and you get to do “it” anyways, becomes an unconscious mantra for an entrepreneur.

This is Being Brave:

To meet or face courageously

You must be courageous because you believe what the risks are.  

You have thoughts about how you could fail.  

You have a story about what your fear means and why you need to be brave. 

Braving requires you to trust yourself. 

You must trust that you’re capable of facing your fear and coming out the other side.

The result of Brave is Becoming yourself.

You become the person who faces their fears and does “it” anyways.

You take actions in spite of your fear.

But your fear is still there.

What if you didn’t experience fear when you’re not physically threatened?

What if you didn’t have to “do it anyways”?

You simply did “it” because you wanted to?

Because you can?

This is Being Bold:

Beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative

When you’re bold you act from a future possibility.

You believe what your future self believes, without having created the evidence yet.  You’re creating a new story that isn’t tied to any other experience you’ve had. 

Bold is outside the box; it’s untethered.  

Boldness requires you to believe in yourself. 

You must believe that you’re a person who takes specific action, even though you’ve never taken this action before.  

You take this action now.

The result of Bold is Being yourself

You show up in this moment as the person you want to be.  

There is no “getting there”.

You don’t have to figure it out.

You don’t have to prepare.

You don’t have to strategize.

If you’re not afraid, you can move forward open, clear and focused.

So how do you go from Brave to Bold?

1. You must be aware of your thought process first:

Ask Yourself:

What is the circumstance?

What are the facts of the situation that you find yourself in?  Circumstances are neutral and factual.  Everyone can agree on them.

What are you thinking about the circumstance?

Your thoughts are what you make the circumstances mean.  You can choose any thought you want.  It’s a choice.

Notice this thought is creating your emotion of Fear

Your thoughts create your feelings.  

The only time this isn’t true, is when you’re actually threatened and you’re body releases hormones so you can quickly react to the threat and stay alive.

Otherwise, its always your thoughts.  Often it’s your thoughts based on past experiences.

Watch how your brain decides to be brave.  

It does this by choosing a new thought that creates a new emotion

What is your new thought about the circumstance?

You want to take action despite of your fear.  So you choose a new thought.

Notice what emotion this new thought is creating.

This new thought may create confidence, power, strength, commitment, determination

You take actions from this new emotion.

This emotion drives your actions.

You do it “anyways”

You’re Brave.

But you’re still holding the original thought that creates the fear - otherwise you wouldn’t need to be Brave.

Brave only exists in the presence of Fear.

When you’re Brave you hold the thought that creates the new emotion at the same time you’re holding the thought that creates Fear.

This takes a lot of energy.
What if you decided to only believe the thought that created the emotion from which you took action?

2. Choose a new thought process

Not in spite of fear, but in the absence of it.

Remember, our thoughts are choices.

You can decide to not think the thoughts that create your fear.

Ask Yourself:

What is the circumstance?

Same Circumstance.

Decide what you want to believe is possible about this Circumstance

You can decide whatever you want, but you must believe it’s possible.  If you practice it enough, you’ll learn that anything is possible.

Notice the emotion this believe creates.

Feel it as a vibration in your body.  Own it.  This is yours.

Take Massive Action from this emotion.

Massive action is taking action until you get the results you want.

You don’t quit because it didn’t work the first, second or tenth time.

Because you believe, you’re embodying the vibration that fuels your actions; again and again.

If you’re new at this, you will have to be Bold in practicing only choosing one thought.

You must boldly refuse Fear.

But after time, you will be bold in your practice.

You will be Bold in your life.

If you’re an entrepreneur in the new, regulated cannabis industry and struggle with fear - or any other negative emotion that’s holding you back

I can help.

I’m facilitating a workshop on 4/13/19 at the Inn at 2nd and C in Eureka from 10 - 5.

Learn more HERE

I love believing in you.

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