This ONE THING Turned my Marriage Around

This ONE THING Turned my Marriage Around

I’m all about the love, but until recently I didn’t own it.

In my partnership, I thought the love I felt was the love my partner gave me.

He wasn’t doing it right.

I had a lot of tips for him - that he didn’t follow.

I made this mean he must not care to know how to love me.

As you can imagine, this sent me in a downward spiral of thoughts about him, me and our relationship.

We are wonderful people who’ve created a beautiful famiuly.

I can’t deny this.

But my misery was overshadowing this and for a while there, about 3 years ago, I was on the fence.

It was hard.

If only he would…..Then everything would be bertter.

My thoughts about what I believe he needed to do created so much pain for me.

I blamed him.

This, my friend, gave him all my power.

I felt this - and blamed him further for having this “control” over me.

I started falling into the female victim mentality and felt the need to break away. I started compiling evidence of why living alone as a single mom would be easier.

Why he wasn’t the “one” for me.

Why this relationship had expired.


Feeling this pain and blaming him for it caused me to take action from a lonely and dark place.

I reACTED to my emotions by further blaming him and the circumstance for all my pain. 

I looked on Craigslist for apartments or homes I could buy. 

I spent my time and energy spinning in the story I was weaving.

I was believing my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

Then I found Life Coaching.

More acurately, I found The Best Life Coaching Program In THE WORLD.

I learned the tool that I teach my clients now.

I know it works because it turned my life around - In ALL The Ways.

I learned how my thoughts create my reality.

In this personal example, The thought:

“My partner doesn’t show me the Love I need”

created my feelings of pain and loss.

He didn’t cause my pain. The thoughts I was choosing about him caused my pain.

I took actions based on these feelings, not actions based on who I want to be and how I want to show up.

How do I want to Love him?

I learned it isn’t my partners job to permit me to feel love.

Love is an emotion.

And Like any emotions Love is created by my thinking,

My loving thoughts create my loving feeling.

I take loving actions form this feeling and a result of LOVE.

Now my thought is:

“My Partner’s only job is for me to Love.”

That’s it.

Then there’s no question how I feel.

I love.

No matter what,

I show up Lovingly.

This feels great. 

I feel The Love that I CREATE with my thoughts.

He can do anything and I can still love him because I love to feel love.

The result of this?

My only job is to Love.

I’ll take that.


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