Why You must Grow for Your Business to Grow

Why You must Grow for Your Business to Grow

Transitioning from the unregulated cannabis industry to where I am now: 

A life Coach for women in the new regulated industry -

Required me to notice how my own capacity expanded.

As I learned and practiced new skills, what I became capable of grew.

Who I became capable of being grew.

You are not your skill set -
You are the person taking action on the growing set of skills.

You must bring your attention to who she IS now.

You must notice her to become her.

I learned I must change my thoughts about myself to match my capacity.

This is how I did it:

1. Don’t Judge, Evaluate

When you try new things and it doesn’t work, it’s easy to give up. 

We do this in a few different ways.  

We believe: 

  • I’m not meant to do this 

  • This isn’t supposed to work

  • This is too hard.

This judgment of a situation or circumstance causes you to loose your energy and power. 

The fail doesn’t take your power, what you make it mean does.

Failing, or not having the result you want, is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what happened.

  • Why didn’t it work? 

  • What can you learn to do it better next time? 

  • What about the process DID work?

When we judge a fail, we fail even harder by not accepting it as a necessary step to our future success.

You’re supposed to fail.

2.    Belief, not Relief

When most of us accomplish a goal we celebrate the win. 

We feel so relieved it worked we take action on the relief and pause our forward trajectory.  

This is when you need to double down.

Relief is created by not thinking “I can stop now”

As an entrepreneur, when you reach a goal and feel relief it’s because you weren’t certain about your success.

So you shut your office door and meet your Bestie at the cider bar for a celebratory pint.

If you believed you’d reach your goal you wouldn’t need to feel relieved. 

You wouldn’t take action from relief - you’d take action from belief.

You’d let that win take you right into the next.

Plan to celebrate your big wins, but don’t duck out to indulge in relief for all the small ones.

3.     Go Inward, not Forward

Sometimes it is necessary to stop. 

But not from relief. 

Stop to find out where you are.

If you’re tackling your list with your head down and that’s where you stay, your missing your transformation.

When you don’t stop to notice how you’ve transformed you can’t adjust who you’ve become.

This will effect what your capable of continuing to do.

When you grow your capacity you must fill it at the same time.

If your occupying the same amount of space in a container that keeps growing, then what’s the point of growing?

It’s uncomfortable to stop when you’ve got momentum - and this is EXACTLY when you need to.

This IS the discomfort of growth. 

Remember, it’s not just your business your trying to grow - You need to grow too.

In fact, it’s imperative that you deliberately grow yourself if you’re going to deliberately grow your business.

I’m a life coach for women transitioning out of the unregulated cannabis industry.

If you’re struggling with overwhelm and doubt. If you’re uncertain about the success of your business

I can help.

Learn about my upcoming workshop HERE.

I love believing in you.

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