The Power of Belief: 3 Ways Your Beliefs Create Your Future

The Power of Belief: 3 Ways Your Beliefs Create Your Future

So many of us underestimate the Power of Believing.

Like, really believing.

This IS the first step to having anything you don’t yet have in your life -

Money, Love, Health, Independence, Family, etc.

I‘ve always believed that if I can imagine it - I can create it.

This goes both ways - for both the positive and the negative results in our lives.

So much of our struggle comes from reconciling our deepest desires and what’s inviting us into belief with all the evidence we’ve compiled to explain why we can’t.

We’re moving forward, but we keep using our past to create it.

We can do better.

Not to mention it’s so much fun believing whatever you want.

Here are three reasons why believing is the most important skill you can master.

Belief Position

If there’s something you want that you don’t yet have, it’s completely up to you to create it.  This vision has come to you.  You have to believe in it.

It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to believe for you.  They can’t.  It isn’t theirs.

You know you believe enough if you’re not shaken by what someone else says or does in regard to what you’re believing.

Before I had stepped more deeply into my power:

Before my confidence, capacity and capability was where it is now,

I would let the opinions of others shake me from many of my beliefs.

I felt deflated so much of the time.

I didn’t blame them.  I just thought I must be wrong if I didn’t get their approval.

I was making other people responsible for my beliefs.

I wasn’t owning my path.

This was a cop out.

Now I believe whatever I want because I want to.  Because I know what it means - for me.

Even if my husband doesn’t believe what I believe, I don’t make it mean anything.

I keep believing.

This is my position.

Belief Energy

Belief is an emotion and emotions are vibrations.  

The law of attraction states that like attracts like.  

Belief attracts that which you believe in.

When you hold the vibration of Belief you also hold

  • certainty

  • knowing

  • conviction

  • presence

When you Believe, you’re not in a rush because you’ve already energetically arrived where you believe.

You aren’t searching for external evidence that you’ve arrived - the result you want.

The check’s in the mail.

There’s nothing to prove or attain.

You are what you believe.

You carry this energy with you and attract the opportunities that get you closer to what you believe.

You are in Belief.

Forward Fuel

When you believe in something that isn’t a reality yet, you’re gestating in your mind. 

Your mind is only as limited as what you believe.

You can believe whatever you want in you mind, because there isn’t a physical space your ideas occupy.

The thoughts you have over and over are what you believe - even if it doesn’t yet exist.

Emotion created by your beliefs is the vibration you hold, which attracts what you want.

We move into the attraction by taking action.

Action is fueled by emotion.

When all you have is a belief and there is unlimited space to create this belief in your life your actions are spacious as well.

You can move into the unlimited potential of the future as you take action.

Believing becomes your actions.

Your belief drives you forward.

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