Transformation: 3 ways to Lead Your Own Growth

Transformation: 3 ways to Lead Your Own Growth

We love change because of the transformation it offers.

You can’t get this transformation without shifting something in you life.

So many of us use external circumstances as a way to illicit change and the inevitable transformation that follows.

But moving, changing jobs, getting a divorce, getting married, having surgery, etc are time consuming, expensive and painful ways to get the transformation you seek.

Transformation is the Juice of Life.

But what if it was easier than you think it is?

What if you actually don’t have to change anything outside of yourself to get the personal transformation?

You don’t.

Here are 4 ways to transform by leading your own growth

1. Your Reason Why

When you decide to make a change you have a reason for doing so. 

It is going to be a different reason than you’ve had before.

This becomes the driving force behind any decision.

This is your why.

Your why doesn’t tell you what will happen after you change. 

It’s simply the reason you’ve assigned to wanting change.

A few years ago, I stopped drinking wine at night with dinner. 

I wanted to get up early to have time alone before my kids woke up.  

I wanted to meditate. 

I knew when I had 30 minutes by myself to meditate, I was a much more centered and capable person and mother.

This was my why.

I loved my reason and I loved my results. 

Not drinking wine with dinner was suddenly not a problem.

Each time I did and tried to get up, I knew it wasn’t worth it.

I’ve been practicing this habit of not drinking and getting up early for a few years now.  

But now my reason why is to work on my business.

I get so much done in those two hours before anyone else wakes up.

The steaks are higher now.

Suddenly my decision not to drink has resulted in changes I could’ve never known.

My reason why transformed as I did.

Go all in on your why and let it guide you

2. Expand what you’re capable of Feeling

The reason we want to change is so we can build our capacity.  

We want to build our capacity so we can have bigger experiences.  

We want bigger experiences so we can be a person that has those experiences.

If you didn’t need to change you’d already be that person, yes?

The only reason you’re not creating change is because of the emotions you don’t want to feel.

What you’re not capable of feeling you’re not capable of doing.

When I was debating in my head (for years) whether or not to commit to not drinking, what I was afraid of feeling was separation from others.

Because I didn’t want to feel separation, I kept drinking.

Then I realized that if I wanted to be a person who didn’t drink and who got up early and who didn’t think about alcohol, I’d have to experience these emotions.

So I learned how to allow separation.

And what I found is separation was always in my thoughts. 

I’m not separate.

When I allowed the feeling I learned that I didn’t have to keep feeling it.

Now I know that feeling and allowing uncomfortable emotions will be transformative.

3.Stop believing your thoughts

When we embark on a journey of change, we come face to face with our beliefs.

You must examine and let go of the beliefs that aren’t serving you if you want to move forward.

This requires you to hear the thoughts you’ve had for so long they play like a broken record,

and NOT believe them.

When you can occupy this space in your mind - 

holding two differing beliefs at the same time

you expand your capacity for everything.

It’s uncomfortable and can feel crazy - but it’s transformation happening.

Suddenly you have perspective.  

You understand why some people think one way and other people thing another.

Your compassion, understanding and presence builds.

When you notice this transformation in your mind - from what you thought to what you now think, 

You understand that this is where the transformation starts.

4. Deciding who the new you is

When we change we become a new version of ourselves.

Often we discover who this person is after we’ve come through the change.

But if you want to create transformation in your life through deliberate change you need to decide first who you want to become.

Stop letting transformation steer you.

You steer it.

Decide who it is you want to be.

Believe what you need to believe to become this person

Feel how you need to feel to get through your limitations

Decide why and go.

If you are looking for more focused change and transformation in your life

I can help you.

I’m facilitating a workshop on 4/13/19 at the Inn at 2nd and C in Eureka from 10 - 4 for entrepreneurs transitioning into the new, regulated cannabis industry.

Apply HERE.

I love believing in you.

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