Stoned Sober: How Not Getting High Makes You a More Qualified Cannapreneur

Stoned Sober: How Not Getting High Makes You a More Qualified Cannapreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur in the cannabis industry who doesn’t get high?

If you’re like me, you may live on a cannabis farm that yields hundreds of pounds of the dankest most potent bud in the world.

And you don’t smoke it.

I got high for over 25 years.

I don’t anymore.

It stopped serving me.

Using cannabis in this way fulfilled it’s purpose.

But I don’t make this mean I’m no longer qualified to be an ambassador, or teach her valuable lessons or live on a cannabis farm.

Nothing is further from the truth.

I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry for a couple of years now.

Most of the entrepreneurs I work with don’t get high.

But they grow, manufacture and sell some of the most potent, amazing bud in the world.

They’re businesses are built on Cannabis.

A lot of them struggle with the belief that since they don’t get high any more they must not be in integrity with their business and what the sell.

Getting high doesn’t define your Integrity.

What you choose to think and how you show up does.

If your an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, but you no longer identify as the cannabis user you once were this may help you.

Here are three questions to ask yourself:

1. What’s your cannabis story?

The entire story.

If you’re only telling the story of not getting high and you’re measuring this against the story of having a cannabis business then your leaving out a lot of facts, which leaves holes in your story.

You might feel vulnerable and experience doubt.  

When you think you’re no longer credentialed to work with this sacred plant because you no longer get high - this is going to affect how you show up in your business.

Not getting high doesn’t affect your business.  How you think about it does.

You share a story with Cannabis.

What is it?

My story spans nearly 3 decades.

It’s rich and full and deep.

Not getting high for the last few years has nothing on the 25 years before that. 

Those are what got me here.

I stopped getting high on the regular about 6 years ago.

I had a toddler, was pregnant again and was making the transition into being a stay at home mom.

Today, as Motherhood and Cannabis collide as an acceptable pairing, I had a different perspective.

It wasn’t that I thought using cannabis while pregnant was wrong. Not at all.

When I got high, I got high alone.  

For me, this was the means to understanding myself better.

When I found myself not alone - getting high wasn’t the same.

I become scattered and unorganized.

I wasn’t present.

I wasn’t showing up as the Mom I wanted to be.

Cannabis has always been my greatest guide to learning who I was, what I thought and what I wanted to believe.

She showed me how my thoughts manifested.

Getting high shaped me.

Not getting high did too.

I wanted to open up to the lessons of Motherhood and experience those through a new lens. 

Like a child leaving home, I had to let go and learn to fly on my own.

You see, as my mind was opening through her guidance, I became aware that only I can create my reality.  

Only I can decide what it will be and who I will be in it.

I decided I was going to face the work of Motherhood and move through the challenges myself, so I could own the growth and the lessons 100%

If I was going to continue to get high, I would continue to make cannabis responsible for showing me the reality I desired.

I didn’t need to be shown anymore.

I needed to create it and be it.

I noticed a co-dependancy.

It was a habit. 

I wanted to be free.

I stopped getting high.

I managed the intensity of motherhood by practicing the skills of self awareness cannabis had shown me.

I allowed the discomfort instead of reaching for the pipe to feel better.  

I felt all the emotions and, on my own, noticed the thoughts causing them.

I didn’t need to get high.

AND I wouldn’t have the awareness I do today if it weren’t for getting high.

She delivered me here.

She showed me the tools.

When it comes to the day in day out work of managing my mind and creating the emotions I want in my life I do it without cannabis, alcohol and many of the other vices I’ve used in the past.

Now that I have these tools I don’t have the same relationship with her.

But I do call on her when I’m experiencing physical discomfort.

I use different ratios of thc/cbd depending on what ails me.

I use a non psychoactive cannabis extract every day.

I have a different relationship with Cannabis now that I don’t get high.

I’ve decided it’s better.

2. How has her medicine continued to serve you even though your relationship has changed?

If you’re an entrepreneur in the industry, especially if you’ve transitioned out of the unregulated industry, you’re relationship with Cannabis has deepened.

You work with her.  

You know her voice and her teachings and she’s still guiding you.

She’s called upon you to bring her forward.

But how the medicine your hands touch will be used is out of your control.

It’s up to her and the other people she’s relating to to figure this out.

What is in your control is how you show up to do the work with her in your business.

You may no longer user her to get high, but the symbiotic nature of your relationship is strong.

Simply by bringing her forward and allowing her to be available to other people, you receive her medicine.

How do you recognize this?

Where is this showing up in your life?

For me, living on land where cannabis is cultivated is so powerful.

She literally blankets the earth on which I sleep, eat, pray, play and dream.

To think that we’re no longer intimate because I don’t get high anymore would be a lie.

I think we’re more intimate.

Because I’m not intoxicated by her medicine I’m able to know her energy in more subtle ways.

During the off season when her presence is less I notice the space she leaves.

As things ramp up and she multiplies and occupies more space and needs attention and resources I notice how the quality of our land shifts.

We’re tied into her medicine.

There is an alignment, a flow.

Perhaps this is simply the rhythm of living on a working farm;

knowing the seasonal shifts.

But I do believe cultivating cannabis and living where she’s being tended to is very powerful medicine.

My life at home is rich.

It’s because of her.

I no longer get high, but she serves me and my family more than ever.

The people who work and visit our farm because of her presence here brings community and connection.

The money we receive from trading her into the market houses, feeds and clothes my family.

The space we tend to so she can thrive gives us meaningful work and clear standards.

The Land we steward that’s cultivated her for decades is healing from the heavier impacts of logging and dumping.

Cannabis is a Plant Spirit. 

I don’t need to get high to know her.

She’s with me always.

3. How has not getting high allowed you to know her medicine better?

Intoxication from her flower is one way to know cannabis.

For me, it was the only way for many years.

I knew the value of her fiber,

Of her seeds

Of the other compounds she gives.

But getting high was the only way I used her.

It was enough.

Now that I don’t get high anymore I’ve opened up to her other gifts.

Now I know her non psychoactive powers.

I use a full spectrum, high quality CBD tincture daily.

At 42 I feel better than I have my entire life.

My joints are no longer sore,

my digestion has normalized,

I sleep great.

If I was still getting high, I don’t think I would know this other way to consume.

I also have a different perspective on getting high.

Now that time has passed and there’s space between those regular intoxicating experiences and who I am now I can see how getting high served me and how it didn’t.

Cannabis is here.

She has Medicine.

But as individuals we’re responsible for how we use it.

I am more aware of how habits form and what my brain does when this is happening.

Now I recognize it in others.

How we use cannabis to escape, to “feel better” or to avoid hard things.

I see how I used her in this way for many years and how this kept me small.

She didn’t want me to be small.

She doesn’t want you to be small either.

Now I know that had I continued to get high I wouldn’t be able to serve her and this industry like I’m meant to.

How has not getting high allowed you to show up more for cannabis, your business and yourself?

What if by not getting high we’re actually serving her and the people that need her even greater?

You know what’s amazing?

It’s up to us to decide what we believe and what we want our story to be.

We get to decide what everything means and it’s our responsibility and privilege to choose the beliefs that bring up closer to our full potential.

Cannabis taught me this.

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