Why You Don't Have Enough

Yesterday, in what most would consider a perfect day, I found myself stuck in not enoughness.

Instead of relishing in the Abundance of my Life, my mind was creating evidence for what could go wrong, what might be difficult, what appears to be lacking.

This is how our brains are wired - to detect danger and threats. 

To produce fear. 

Here I was, in my beautiful home with my three healthy children, drinking clean water from the tap, eating wholesome organic food which is literally falling out of the refrigerator, playing with lego sets most families in the world can’t afford and I have an unnerving feeling that something is missing.

I don’t have enough.

I’ve grappled with this conundrum most of my adult life.

It took me until mid morning to figure out what to do.

I became Grateful.

Gratitude woke me up.

When I feel grateful, I notice what’s working and how I'm supported in my life.

Because I know the feeling Grateful is created by my thinking - I had to direct my brain to think grateful thoughts.

What I’ve noticed is when I'm practicing Gratitude I'm simply stating facts about my life. 

When I acknowledge the gifts of what IS from a place of appreciation I experience the abundance of Being.

Just Being Here is Enough.

I know managing my mind and training it to find the good - the enoughness - is key to being with the abundance in my life.

So I practice gratitude.

I’m grateful I’m healthy.

I’m grateful I have a home with heat and running hot water.

I’m grateful I have meaningful work.

I’m grateful for the people in my life who love and support me.

It took moments.

The unnerving feeling disappeared.

I went from feeling I was walking across a tightrope over poisonous snakes to feeling like I was rooted firmly in the nourishment of this divine Earth. 

I'm supported beyond measure. 

The Way to Living in Enoughness doesn’t include more of anything, except your acknowledgment of what you already have.

It isn't the addition of more - It's the awareness of more

What if what you already have is enough?

What if your desire for more is what’s creating not enough?

The feeling I was experiencing of Not Enough wasn’t there because I don’t have enough.  It was there because I wasn’t focusing on what I have, which is ALWAYS enough.

Where I've failed again in again - and I'm betting you have too - is in my disbelief that what I do have IS enough.

That I get to live in this enoughness.

That THIS can provide infinitely for me - as soon as I bring my awareness to it.

What was happening yesterday, unconsciously, beneath the awareness of my present self was the recurring thoughts that THIS isn't enough.

This created:




I know Sufficiency comes from cultivating awareness.

So I took a moment to notice what I’m grateful for.

This created:




Practicing Gratitude isn’t some hokey, new age bullshit.

It’s a profound practice that has the power to rewire your brain from detecting danger to appreciating life.

What you appreciate appreciates.

What you focus on grows.

Nothing ever needs to change except your awareness of what is.

This changes everything.

I’m a Personal Transformation Expert helping Entrepreneurs create and live the life of their dreams. 

When you’re present in the abundance of your amazing life and aren’t spending your time and energy “fixing” it - you experience SO MUCH MORE.  

Everything you desire that you don't yet have fades away and the power of the experiences you create grows.

You live multiple lifetimes this way.

I want to help you blow your own mind with what’s possible.

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