Stuck in Entrepreneurship? 5 steps to Living your Gifts and Your Best Life as an Entrepreneur

Stuck in Entrepreneurship? 5 steps to Living your Gifts and Your Best Life as an Entrepreneur

I received this message at an early age, that’s been repeated throughout my life:

You have an innate gift that needs to be expressed.  You’re here to live a full life.  When you discover and tend to your gift; sharing it with the world, all your dreams will come true - enabling the life you’re here to realize be actualized.

I’ve believed this all my life.

I’ve created thoughts and belief systems to support this.

I’ve started businesses to share my gift.

My dreams have always come true.

I want to offer you this Truth and explain how to become clear on what it is you’re here to discover and share so you can live the life of your greatest desires.

Gifts: Innate Skills and Abilities

Some of us know what our Gifts are. 

Even then, it can be easy to forget; being in this human form, distracted by all the lies, stories and collective patterns we engage with.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to remember your innate Gifts.

  • what patterns do you notice for how you show up, serve and become inspired in your life?

  • what do other people consistently say about you?

  • if left alone for one month with no outside contact, what would you be thinking, doing and creating? When you came into contact with the world again, what would you present? 

Vision: Your Greatest Potential Realized

I believe we receive a Vision for our life. 

We have dreams; constructing potential paths. 

These “how’s” are distractions from the Vision of what IS. 

What does this Vision look like?  Without thinking about how you make it happen, focus on what it feels like, what it looks like, who you are in it

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to remember your Vision.

  • if you we’re granted 3 wishes for you own life, what would you ask for?

  • what does an ideal day look like for you? how does this fit into an ideal week, month, year?

  • if you believed 100% that you are worthy, lovable, capable and supported what would your life look like?


Entrepreneurship is a decision to fully express your gifts while serving a group of people and earning an income so you can realize Your Vision in this Life.

Leadership is taking full responsibility for how you show up, what you create and how you influence others

Where we get stuck:

  • thinking we have to figure out “how”

  • believing that 1+1=2 or there is a logical equation to our “success”

  • using our past to define our future

How to embody Your Entrepreneurial or Leadership Path:

So many of us get caught up in what we need to DO in our businesses and take action to get a result.  Really, what you need to focus on is what you think and believe - the rest will take care of itself.

When you’re clear on your gifts and the Vision of your life - and you’ve created and practiced the Beliefs that align you with these truths - you’re embodying your Entrepreneurial and Leadership Path.

This is what you need to remember:

  • Focus on your Gifts

  • Hold your Vision

  • Manage your Mind


Your Business is the direct manifestation of your decision to fully express your gifts. It manifests as organized systems and processes that result in a Service and Product. Your Vision becomes your reason WHY.

Where we get stuck:

  • look outside ourselves to find the answers for our business - taking the focus off of our gifts

  • model our Business after someone else - and their perceived success - 

  • loose sight of our vision

  • look to the past for evidence of our capabilities

So many of us take ACTION in designing and implementing systems and processes without attaching them to our gifts and vision.  In essence, we forfeit our power and wisdom and adopt the systems and processes from outside of ourselves that worked for someone else. 

How to Authentically Create the Systems and Processes:

  • decide, take action, notice, evaluate, repeat

  • embrace failure

  • look to your future for possibilities 

  • make what you borrow yours

  • manage your mind

Your Product

(If you have a Service you need to understand what this Produces.  Your clients become the product of your service.)

Your Product embodies your Gifts. This gives it Value. You Exchange this value to support your Vision - Your Why.

Where we get stuck:

  • devaluing yourselves, which devalues your product

  • not believing in the physical manifestation of your innate gifts

  • thinking earning money by serving the world is wrong or immoral

  • taking too much responsibility - forgetting the universe

Often when we can’t sell our product and earn a living we believe it’s because of something outside of ourselves; the economy, our demographic, our product, our education (or lack there of), etc.

When we take FULL responsibility for the value of our product and Believe in the Value we inherently have - our products have value and are exchangeable.

How to Exchange Value for Value:

  • believe in the value you create

  • notice what you value, be deliberate in your purchases, be aware of when you seek false pleasure

  • allow yourself to know abundance

  • share the responsibility with the universe

  • manage your mind

Your Customers

The Customers who buy your Product do so because of the Value it adds to their life.

Where we get stuck:

  • forgetting our gifts need to be exchanged - someone needs what we have

  • that selling is convincing, manipulating and inauthentic

  • believing something is missing - its not enough

When you KNOW your product have value and can HELP people, you realize selling is simply making offers to help.

You’re not afraid and resistant.

You’re energized and motivated to help people.

You’re not focused on the money - you’re focused on your product and how it changes peoples lives.

How to Attract Customers:

  • believe in your product

  • be the product of your product - know your gifts, live your gifts and use your gifts

  • share your product believing in it’s innate value

  • understand that selling is simply offering a solution

  • manage your mind

So what can you do now?

  • Align with your Gifts.

  • Work on your Belief that your gifts have VALUE

  • Treat your Business like your BABY.  Feed it, Give to it, LOVE IT.

  • Take full RESPONSIBILITY for the systems and processes in place.

  • Understand how your product embodies your Gifts

  • Sell your Product. Offer Your Solution. Believe in the Results.  Be the RESULTS.

I’m a personal transformation coach for entrepreneurs.

You can reach out to me and see how my program can help you transform into living your BEST life.

Go Here to start.

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