What You're Missing in Your Winning

If you’re an Entrepreneur, in Management or Leading a team or Yourself into your best life - You have a struggle.

If you’re like me (and I trust you are) you may be struggling with feeling all the fear, doubt and shame and at the same time all the power, success and confidence. 

Hey, just in case you forget…..You’re supposed to be uncomfortable.

Here’s why:  

Our brains are wired to support 3 main objectives.  

  • To detect danger

  • To seek pleasure 

  • To do what’s familiar

Entrepreneurship and Leadership asks us to continuously step into the unknown, to put off short term pleasure and to generate new ideas and concepts.

You’re doing it right if you’re completely out of your skin.

OK. Now what?

I want to teach you this little tool I use to integrate these two halves.  I want to show you how to bridge the Gap between your brains automatic conditioning and You as the creator of your best life.

It’s three simple and profound steps.

Open Reflection

Identifying Growth

Aligning Transformation

Open Reflection

So many of us look back at our lives and balk at who we were or what we did and shut the door to the experiences we had.

This is Closed Reflection.

It’s fueled by shame and regret. We use our past to further punish ourselves for the “bad” choices we made.
We have a lot of thoughts about our past.

If this is you - Stop It.  It doesn’t serve you - or the world.

You can completely control how you see your past. And when you do it with curiosity and compassion - you notice how you’ve grown.

This requires Open Reflection.

Open Reflection is simply noticing the facts of your past with out attaching to them.

For example:

  • I used to wake up and think about getting high first thing

  • I used to drink a bottle of wine every night

  • I used to yell at my Husband when he did something I didn’t like

With Open Reflection I have made space in my mind for what I want to believe about my past experiences and what they mean.

Because I don’t recall these experiences in shame or regret, anger or blame I can decide what I want to feel.

I can decide what I want to THINK.

These experiences were perfect fuel for my growth.

Everything happened exactly as it should’ve

I wouldn’t be who I am today without those experiences.

Now I feel Gratitude, Acceptance and Appreciation.

Now I’m open to Identifying my Growth.

Identify Your Growth

To do this I Notice the Facts of my Present and compare those to the Facts of my Past.

How much time between “then” and “now” is insignificant.  Time isn’t the premise for growth. 


Find where you were and where you are now.  This is the Gap.

The facts of my past I listed above occurred at different times.

The facts of my present below have occurred for different durations of time.

I’m only interested in the who and what, not the when, where or how.

For Example:

  • I wake up early, watch the sun rise and do my daily thought work everyday.

  • I drink at least  half a gallon of water a day 

  • I notice how my thoughts about my Husband creates my anger and never what he does.

Now I can direct my Brain to Identify my Growth.

Ask Yourself:

What’s different from then to now?

How have I changed?

What’s possible now?

Example of Identifying my Growth:

Before, the mornings we wrought with anxiety and indecision and I’d get high to avoid those difficult emotions. I’d feel better in the moment, but my Life was stagnant and I wasn’t reaching my goals.

Today, I wake up early knowing exactly what I need to do and I do it.  I feel clear and purposeful. I can create anything I want.

Remember: Unless we direct our brains to seek out evidence for what we want to see, It’ll want to:

  • detect danger

  • seek pleasure 

  • do what’s familiar

This is what keeps us stuck in repeating our past, stealing out power and ability to reflect and move forward into what we want to see and believe about ourselves.

It takes effort, but the results are the clarity to Align Your Transformation.

Aligning Transformation

Now that you have identified your Growth you can Name It and Align with Transformation.

By naming your growth you give it a place, you apply meaning to it and it gains significance. You decide what the meaning is for your growth. 

You decide what you want to name it - Just make sure you love it.  

Make sure it feeds you, fuels you and moves you into alignment with a Transformation you can own.

You have to Believe in the Transformation you’re moving into.

Example of Naming my Growth:

I’ve learned how to allow my emotions and take decisive action

My Transformation: I’m engaged with my Life


These 3 steps help you celebrate yourself.  When we make time to see what’s working and feel the accomplishment of who we’ve become, we can move forward clearly. Lighter. Freer.

If you’re ready to bridge the gap between everything that’s uncomfortable and everything that’s wonderful - start the process HERE..  

In one hour I can help you see what’s possible.

The Unknown: What It is and How to be IN it.

The Unknown: What It is and How to be IN it.

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