The Unknown: What It is and How to be IN it.

The Unknown: What It is and How to be IN it.

How do you do the unknown?

That place of uncertainty, uncharted territory, the void.

Im talking about The Unknown that exists in your mind.

The place most of us don’t want to exist in.

What is The Unknown?

In the midst of Transformation a gap is born between what was and what will be. 

This gap is The Unknown.

I believe that one’s willingness to BE in this gap IS what determines the power of the transformation.

Let me illustrate an example for you:

Take two people who’ve both decided to stop drinking alcohol.  Both have compelling reasons and both are committed to the result of a healthier and more clear existence.

Person A:

  • Goes cold turkey

  • experiences massive anxiety and discomfort from no longer having alcohol.

  • Resists the discomfort by staying busy

  • Thinks about alcohol a lot and wishes to have it but through sheer willpower chooses not to

  • After a year or so alcohol free their confidence is built, but the struggle still exists

  • Continues to resist the struggle by doing more and more - staying busy and feeling overwhelmed.

  • More years pass alcohol free, which is noted as a major accomplishment, but the anxiety and overwhelm continue.

  • This is just the way it is.

Person B:

  • Consciously Tapers off and after a few months is no longer drinking

  • Allows the anxiety and discomfort. Feels it.

  • Starts new projects because their energy is up from no longer drinking and there’s more space from allowing, for the first time, all the discomfort.

  • Notices with curiosity when the thoughts about drinking alcohol surface. Allows the Urge with out responding to it. It passes quickly.

  • After a year or so alcohol free the struggle is gone and a confidence is born from this space.

  • Takes a clear, focused approach to all that get’s done. Overwhelm is no longer a problem.

  • Feels proud of the major accomplishment and relishes in the richness it’s brought.

  • Life is an ever-changing opportunity to grow and transform.

Person A no longer drinks alcohol and has a better result, but the same struggle. 

Person B no longer drinks alcohol and not only has a better result, but experienced a massive transformation that shifted their entire being.

Person A resisted and ran to something that felt safe; work - when in The Unknown.  

Person B sat in The Unknown and explored.

The only difference is that Person B KNEW how to be in The Unknown and Person A didn’t.

How to Be in The Unknown

  1. Allow the emotions associated with the change

  2. Notice the thoughts creating them

  3. Decide how you want to feel in The Unknown

  4. Take Action from this place ONLY

  5. Experience your Results

1. Allow the emotions associated with the change

When we invoke our own personal transformation - and yes, often this is done unconsciously when something happens we don’t have control over - we begin the journey into The Unknown.

This can be very uncomfortable.

Our brains want to cling to something - anything - to feel safe and secure.  When change occurs it’s our brain’s job to NOT step into danger.  To our brain The Unknown = Danger.

THIS is why it’s so uncomfortable.

What’s going to happen?

Where will I end up?

What will it look like?

We have all these questions and by default we start going about looking for answers.

This takes us out of The Unknown.

But we believe This IS what we’re supposed to do: Find Answers.

We’re supposed to KNOW.  We’re supposed to figure it out.

No.  No we’re not

This is the power of Transformation.  The Unknown is where all the magic is.

So you’ll want to learn how to ALLOW the discomfort of NOT knowing.

Feel out of control, messy, sloppy. 

And Notice how it’s because of what you’re thinking.

2. Notice the thoughts creating them

Emotions are ALWAYS created by your thoughts.

So when you’re feeling discomfort ask yourself:

What am I thinking?

Really this is what you’re transforming out of.

This mindset.

This way of thinking.

You’re current Beliefs.

You can only really understand what all the unconscious and automatic thoughts are by doing daily thought work.

Daily Thought Work is a practice of writing down your thoughts as a means of making them conscious.

Conscious Awareness is empowering because then you have authority over the thought.

Unconscious thoughts are poison because they happen without your awareness and effect your life without you’re consent.

By writing down your thoughts - the sentences in your mind - you become aware of them.  The more you do it, the more aware you’ll be.

3. Decide how you want to feel in The Unknown

In this vast, open potentiality how do you want to feel?

Better yet, how do you need to feel to STAY HERE?

I like to feel:

  • Safe

  • Expansive

  • Receptive

  • Present

What about you?

In order to feel this way I need to think:

  • This is exactly where I need to be

  • This space has abundant opportunities for me

  • Being in this is everything

When I’m in The Unknown these are the thoughts I practice thinking.  Overtime these thoughts have created my Belief about this space, which has resulted in me sharing it with you.

Pretty cool, right?

4. Take Action from this place ONLY

Because our brains want OUT of The Unknown, it’s easy to have “bright shiny object” syndrome.

We jump from opportunity to opportunity trying to find the “thing” that will deliver us our truth. 

To finally feel whole. 

All the while we’re actually perpetuating our own separation by exiting The Unknown as quickly as possible.

“Doing THAT will be so much better than THIS.”

No.  Never. 

Doing THIS is always better. 

Even if it feels like ass.

So go back to how you feel, allow it and notice the thought creating it.

Then decide what you need to feel to stay in THIS and what thoughts create those feelings for you.

From this clean place, take action.

You’ll notice a different quality taking action from a clean place of Being In The Unknown instead of taking action to find a way out of The Unknown.

There’s room for everything in The Unknown.

So invite in creativity, strength, health, sensuality.

Exist in The Unknown with what you also want to do.

It’s never separate.

Learning how to be in The Unknown IS the skill you need to fully BE in your life.

5. Experience your Results

When your actions are clean from purposeful felt emotions generated by conscious thoughts while IN The Unknown - you begin to depart The Unknown.

This becomes your result.

You’re clear and focused.

You have a plan.

You’re ON FIRE.

You’re confidence is greater.

The space you hold bigger.

What you’re capable of greater.

BECAUSE you went through The Unknown.

You must know how to be in it - and practice being in it - to master Being IN it.

Then you can Master Your Life.

I’m a personal transformation coach for entrepreneurs.

I know The Unknown.

I understand the anatomy of Transformation.

I can help you on your personal transformation journey.

Go HERE to get started.

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