Why Your Stuck (and how to get un-stuck)

Why Your Stuck (and how to get un-stuck)

Have you ever had the experience where you’re going along in your life just fine and suddenly, you find that you’re stuck?

Like everything that you’ve been doing suddenly isn’t working?

That you’ve lost your drive and inspiration?

Most of us, when we find ourselves in this place, do exactly the opposite of what would get us unstuck.

We stop and dig ourselves into a pit.

Sure you may keep taking actions and “doing” your life, but what you may not realize is that what you stop doing is thinking how you need to think to actually take actions… 

….that move you to the next level.

I had this experience recently and what I discovered (actually, what I remembered) is this: 
when I start operating at 50% or when I’ve lost the drive and motivation I once had,
It’s because I’m ready to up level and I haven’t aligned my thinking with this new step.

We're constantly changing because we exist in a constantly changing world.
Nothing is static and believing it’s supposed to be is the cause of so much of our suffering.
And if you’re like me and forget this very important piece of information right when change is beckoning you forward - you’re going to spin out and waste time struggling to stay the same in a limited space of potential.

It’s like we’re resisting our own grand plan.
(Oh this human existence!)

So what can you do, you ask?
You do something out of the ordinary - and most likely you know EXACTLY what this is.
You do the THING that you made a part of your plan in the beginning.  

And here’s the crux: 
You have to remember how you felt when you dreamed it up. 
Then you get to discover what the thoughts were that creating this feeling.
 (It's ALWAYS our thoughts, my friend.)

You may have felt excitement, awe, purpose, drive or determination when visualizing this part of your story.
What are the thoughts that created these feelings?


In the midst of being stuck.  
When you feel as though you’ve lost your focus and motivation.  
When what you’re doing no longer fulfills you.

You only need to think new thoughts - the thoughts that propel you to the next level of YOU.

Nothing has come wrong. 
You’re on the right path.
This is exactly where you’re supposed to be.



P.S. I’m a Personal Transformation Coach for Entrepreneurs.  I teach you how to set and grow in to your biggest goals so you can become the Leader of your life you’ve always imagined being. I offer free 60 minute calls to show you exactly what’s in your way from reaching your full potential.  We can talk about what it’s like working with me.  But whether you do or don’t doesn’t concern me.  I really just love having powerful conversations that ignite positive change. If you want to schedule a chat with me go HERE.

P.P.S. If you're stuck now just KNOW on the other side of this is massive movement.  xoxo

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