Hiring Fails: Why Your Desperation for Help Backfires

Hiring Fails: Why Your Desperation for Help Backfires

You’re a entrepreneur.

You’ve started a small business and run it solo. Up to this point you’ve been managing fine, but your business is growing and you want to hire help.

Before you do, I want you to consider your reasons for hiring.

Your deepest reasons.

On the surface, you hire help so you can keep growing you business.

You hire help so you can help more people.

Sounds compelling, right?

But underneath these legitimate reasons are unconscious thoughts that result in hiring fails.

Left uncovered, these thoughts can wreak havoc on you and your business.

I’m talking about the thoughts you have that create Desperation.

Desperation is the result of believing you are unable to handle something.

It’s your thought about your current circumstance that creates the feeling of desperation.

Hiring someone so you’re relieved from your desperation makes them responsible for how you feel.

Suddenly your relying on them to fix how you feel - and it’s never going to work. 

You’ll believe they failed YOU,

But it’s the other way around

You failed them and yourself

Feeling desperate to hire is a sign you’re having thoughts about yourself and your business that aren’t useful.

Here are the most common thoughts an entrepreneur has that creates Desperation

AND what you’ll need to remember instead.

Thought #1: I don’t know what I’m doing

I hear my clients say this.  

It’s like they’ve forgotten they’re the ones who birthed their businesses.  

They think where they’ve arrived is a fluke or mistake.

When really they’ve just stopped being the Visionary.

When you narrow your focus down to the details, but neglect to hold the big picture as well, you forfeit your responsibility as the Visionary.

Your focus is no longer on the horizon

Panic sets in and suddenly you’re lost and confused.

You think you don’t know what you’re doing.

So you hire someone to figure it out.

You make this new hire responsible for steering the ship you’ve built.

Remember This:

Be the Visionary in your business and you’ll always know where to go next

I’ve seen it over and over: 

Power is generated in following one’s personal path toward a vision.

When you stop being the visionary in your business, you loose access to your greatest power source.

The inspiration and motivation you once experienced was because of your thinking - 

The thoughts you had about the vision you received.

You stopped thinking these thoughts.

You’ve replaced them with thoughts of scarcity and doubt.

Vision is a gift.

Realizing a vision shapes us.

In the process two are born:  A Business and The Entrepreneur who creates it.

How we’re shaped by realizing our vision is Magic.  

This IS the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

You must hone your ability to realize a Vision.

This takes practice - one that not everyone is called to do.

You must first and foremost let the Vision guide you and be the spokesperson for it.  

You must remain the Visionary in Your Business - ALWAYS.

Only then can you lead your employees.

Thought #2: Someone Else will do it Better

If you keep having the same thoughts about yourself as you did when you started your business then you can’t successfully grow your business.

You’ll hire because you’ve let the discomfort of growth mean you’re no longer capable.

You believe someone else can do it better, which results in you stalling.

You stunt your personal growth - and your business’s growth - by making this hire.

I’ve watched my clients fail to experience their own growth.

They believe their businesses need more - someone who can do it better, who has more experience.

This thought creates separation. 

This separation limits their capacity and they decide they’re no longer capable.

Remember This:

Scale Yourself - You make ‘it’ better by making yourself better

As your business scales, you must also grow and expand what you’re capable of.

You must change how you think about yourself.

Your beliefs about yourself need to grow right alongside your business.

The people you hire will bring skill sets that will balance your own,

which will allow your business to grow and expand.

They won’t make it “all better” though.

The synergy of all the work different people bring makes the business more dynamic.

How you think about your employees and how you manage them is what makes your business thrive.

You’re only as capable of thinking about someone else as you are about thinking of yourself.

It’s always up to you to make it better.

Thought #3: There’s a problem to be solved.

Being an Entrepreneur requires you to keep learning. You must integrate new practices as well as go back to the drawing board to fine tune existing ones .

You’ve already proven your capable of learning new skills.

So why all of a sudden do you believe not knowing how to do something is reason to hire someone to do it?

You want relief form the pressure of having to go into The Beginner’s Mind - once again.

You have thoughts about what this means:

how much time you have,

your intelligence,

your capacity to hold information.

You have an urge to hire so that you’ll have relief from the pressure.

You’ve forgotten that creativity is infinite.

You’ve forgotten the knowledge built from learning a new skill is greater than the skill itself.

Remember This:

Creativity is infinite - You get to understand the problem and create the Solution.  

You’ve built your business by learning many new skills.  

You’ve taken the time to figure things out and in the process you’ve becomed well versed in different aspects of your business.

It may be time to hire someone,

but don’t do it because you’ve decided to stop understanding problems. 

Don’t make them responsible to create the solutions for your business

Because it’s always your responsibility to come up with solutions.

Hire people to implement solutions, not solve problems.


If your business is growing and you’re feeling like it’s time to hire help, but you’re not sure where to start -

I can help you.

I’m offering 10 individuals FREE coaching in a new 6 week program.

I’m launching March 4th.

Fill out an application HERE to be considered as one of my new clients.

It may be the best hire you ever make.

I LOVE Believing in you.

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