You help me every week by identifying that my thoughts are just thoughts and not the truth. You’ve helped me make more money, to eat less shit, to love and accept my husband more. I’m always thankful for your wisdom and guidance. Anyone could benefit from your coaching and guidance. Thank you!!

The space you hold is pure love. You see things that I don’t see and you explain them to me in a way that shows me so clearly, I can’t believe I didn’t always see it.

Your presence is phenomenal and I was able to tap into my own presence by the experience of seeing yours. You allowed me to start feeling what I didn’t know was possible.

You have been nothing but fierce presence and solid heart. Full, brimming, dancing - as flames do.

After our interactions I always feel much more clarity. I feel empowered. I feel capable. I feel open minded. I have lots of "aha" moments - you put into words what i have felt, but couldn't explain. And You do all of this with LOVE. Thank you. Thank you.

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Ryan King
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017