I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 24.

And I have a lot of pride in having an “out of the box” career path.

I was a massage therapist who used shamanism and energy work on every type of person imaginable; from professors and building contractors to pot farmers and 9-year-olds.

As a wedding planner I facilitated soul awakening events. From a destination elopement on a secluded beach to a four-day party next to a wild river – all in beautiful Northern California.

I have also worked as a caterer, nanny, and cannabis industry pioneer.

They all looked like different work. But in everything I did, I was helping people realize their full potential.

But as my family grew, I decided to make a change. I became a stay-at-home Mom.

I homeschooled.
I cooked, baked and gardened.
I became very comfortable existing in my own little world.

It was a radical shift from being an entrepreneur.

But after the home birth of my third child in 2017, my desire to get back to business erupted.

I couldn’t ignore the deeper calling to help people uncover their full potential.

I had to live my purpose.

Along the way, I overcame all the challenges working moms face.

Applying findings from the most recent neuroscience research, I learned how to become a ninja mind warrior:

Confident, clear and abundant, no matter what is happening.

I became radically present for work and family.

I started to feel the Joy I was missing living the life I’ve worked hard to create.

And it keeps getting better and better.


Now, I am a life coach helping ambitious moms like me do the same.


If you feel like a mess, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Nothing has gone wrong – and it isn’t your fault.

If you’re also an out-of-the-box, entrepreneurial spirit, now wrangling kids…

…and all you do is run from one thing to the next, feeling like you’re drowning, and not moving forward in anything…

I want you to know, things can change.

Not only can you find balance again, but you can experience a level of energy you’ve never known.

It’s possible to stop feeling separate from all that you’ve created — including your children and business.

You get to enjoy them and thrive with them.

And you don’t need to ‘do’ more. You have everything you need.

If you’re ready to be the woman you’ve always imagined yourself being, I will show you the way.