If you’re like so many moms running a business, this is your life:

  • The race ALWAYS takes you by surprise, even though it’s pretty much the same every day. You’re surviving the routine.
  • Every email and text requires you to do something, say yes to something… and it drives you crazy.
  • Your list is a mile long. And it never seems to get shorter no matter what you cross off. There is always “so much to do and not enough time.”

You think this is just the way it is.

Being a mom, entrepreneur, wife and all around good person is hard.

But it’s not.

Life isn’t supposed to feel terrible.

And the reason it does is because you’re in a box. 

The edges you’re always bumping up against, the rough spots, tightness and confinement you feel — this is how we know you’re in a box.

And being in a box feels so limiting.

To find relief, you’ve created the impression of momentum by constantly evaluating and fixing the pieces of the box, which has kept you:

• Nagging your husband to do more and feeling annoyed that he never does

 • Rehiring for a position you’re not even clear about

• Volunteering to bring a plate of cookies for another class play – and hating it

 • Drinking another half bottle of wine

None of this helps you feel more in control.

If no matter what you do, your life has the same flavor. And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you.

It’s just that you’ve created an unconscious belief system that is as big as the box you’re in, but can’t see.

Beliefs about what you have to do, what you owe the world and what you’re allowed to strive for.

A narrative you’re unconsciously telling that goes against what you actually believe. Stories about:

  • Showing up for every soccer game, dance rehearsal and school play
  • Matching throw pillows and streak free windows
  • Knowing your husband’s schedule since he doesn’t

Every day you bombard yourself with all the things you think you have to tend to, follow up on and contribute to that have nothing to do with how you actually want to spend your time and energy.

Mostly likely, you’ve forgotten what this is.

Your brain has been trained to believe what doesn’t matter does and to believe what truly matters – doesn’t come easy.

You’re stuck in a box of limiting and misleading beliefs.

Here’s the good news: you can get out of this box.

First, by seeing it.

Second, by practicing making decisions that deconstruct the box.


  • NOT volunteering

  • Ditching your in-laws at Christmas and taking your family to an AirBnB on the coast of Mexico … because it’s your money and vacation

  • Getting that nose piercing or the tattoo you’ve always wanted or dying your hair purple.

Once you start with these, it will be easier to continue making big decisions.

Pretty soon you’ll be building your life on one powerfully aligned decision after another.

One trip to Mexico will turn into bike riding through the south of France (with your kids in tow!).

5 hours no longer making crafts for your kids’ holiday gift fair at school will turn into 5 hours spent on branding your new product line…

The effect of making clear decisions over and over will compound.

Then, you will be charting YOUR unique path – and finally be out of the box.

When you’re creating and living in your own direction…

• You stop putting out fires and start scaling your business

• You start feeling genuinely playful with your kids

• You grab your husband walking down the hall on a Tuesday for a quick make out session. 

• You’ve traded nightly wine for morning yoga

Yes, really.

This is what I help women like you do everyday.

Let me help you love your life and business, and be fully in both.

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